Raystown Ray
Central PA's Lochnest Monster?

photo of Raystown Ray popping his head out of the water photo of Raystown Ray swimming under water photo of Raystown Ray's back popping out of the water

Central Pennsylvania is all excited about Raystown Ray. Not only are testimonies being recorded from eye witness's but as you can see some of these witness's have actually caught this strange creature on photos, the first known photo taken was in 2006. The photo's make this creature look small but it's said that it's actually 50 to 60 feet long.

It's gotten so popular that a California-based production company has heard about the sea creature and is coming to Raystown Lake with a crew of 10 on April 27th and 28th, 2010, to send deep sea divers into the lake to find evidence of Raystown Ray. They also plan on interviewing eye witnesses that believe they have seen the creature and gather any photos and videos that will help the investigation.

A. J. D'Agostino, an associate producer with Base Productions of Burbank, plans on producing a six-episode show for the SyFy Channel, based on the paranormal and they plan on dedicating half an episode to Raystown Ray. They have high hopes that the production will air on the SyFy Channel sometime in June, 2010.

Some of their plans include focusing on the Seven Points area of Raystown Lake since that is the area where the sea creature's recent sighting was reported. They are looking for anybody that may have witnessed Raystown Ray's rare appearance while spending time at Raystown Lake.

Raystown Lake has been known as one of Pennsylvania's best kept secrets but I doubt it's going to be much of a secret now. There's no doubt, Raystown Ray has been Raystown Lake's best kept secret. I've lived in Central Pennsylvania all my life and the first time I've heard of this is when I read the article in the Altoona Mirror on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

I have visited Raystown Lake several times a year and went boating there since I was a kid. Many times I went swimming in the lake and I've witnessed some strange things there but I can honestly say, I've never seen Raystown Ray.

Visit Raystown Ray's website and browse around, then come back and tell us what you think, just click on the link below.

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Do you visit Lake Raystown? Have you ever witnessed a sighting of Raystown Ray? Is this news as much of a surprise to you as it was to me? Are you located in Central Pennsylvania or plan on visiting the Lake Raystown because of this report?

This is really exciting, tell us what you think about all this. Or take a few minutes to respond to those that have written about it.

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If you have any photos of Raystown Lake and the surrounding area please share them with us. Especially if you think you may have caught this strange creature on a photo.

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Raystown Ray  
Raystown Ray is nothing but a bunch of bunk. I knew the old lake and watched them fill the new one. I assure you there is nothing there!

Raystown Lake is a Man-Made lake, so how can there be a Lochness Monster? I do know there is a church an a few houses under the water in the deeper part …

Raystown Ray 
is he a real creacher or is it just a big hoax?

I have seen the show on SyFy about Raystown Ray, yes they could not figure out what they seen block their cameras. But you have to remember we have catfish …

Okay Really!?!?!?! 
its not real you people are over reacting!! seriously i was there a week over the summer and i was sitting in the water and nothing got me i wont believe …

Believing or Seeing?! 
I believe that many people just need an excuse to get attention. I may be young, but ive been to Raystown a fair share of times, and ive never seen anything …

The Stories... 
That just what they are STORIES. If everyone believed what they read and seen in pictures, no one would go outside their homes. This was just a case that …

Was it Ray a Gator or What ? 
It was back in early May, around 2005 or 2006. I was camping at the Susquehannock camp grounds at Raystown Lake. Having camped there many years in the …


The Lochness Monster of Martinsburg 
Well, I grew up on and around Raystown. To answer spotlight's question...Yes the water is so cloudy that divers were often frightened by VERY large …

The ray isnt real. Leave the lake alone!

How did ray get into a manmade lake.

What about the stories of there being a town under the water? And a story about divers going down to search around and frightened by large human size …

Ed from Raystown 
Are we not forgetting that Raystown is a manmade lake (1973) that replaced yet ANOTHER manmade lake cicra 1911? Take away all the dams and this area is …

Fact or Myth 
Don't honestly see how a 60 foot monster could live in a man made lake unless there was a guy that decided "yup lets put a baby lochness monster in the …

Is it a Caddy? 
Is this creature a Cadborosaurus?

A Old Story 
I used to live in the area . I was there when the dam went in. Before that there was a old story of a circus that came into town one day. The circus …

I don't think it is true!!!!!! 
I don't think it true becase i have been camping at bald eagle state park for 12 years and my dad has been their many times before that and we always go …

WEPS Paranorma 
Watchful Eye Paranormal Study of Pittsburgh (WEPS)is a non profit paranormal investigative group located in Allegheny County. We are currently seeking …

A Note To Remember Everyone! 
Lets talk about this raystown ray. Im only 14 but can tell you alot about this thing / fish but rumor has it that people are seeing a monster in raystown …

Camping at Lake Raystown 
I have camped at Lake Raystown on a few occasions with my husband and kids and have taken the dogs with us. I have seen writings about this misterious …

Curious about Raystown Ray 
I've lived in PA all my life and never heard of Raystown Ray. I don't see how a creature would live in a man made lake. I've heard Raystown was once …

Raystown Ray - hahah right 
Dude she isn't real!

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Why Did I Never Hear of Raystown Ray Before? 
I grew up in Huntingdon and spent many hours in the summers swimming in Raystown Lake. Like you, I never heard of Raystown Ray until I saw an article …

Seriously? Hoax at Raystown Lake 
I've lived in Bedford County (Raystown County back in the day) all my life. I remember the picture and story first covered on the Broad Top Bulletin. …

Monster Snake at Raystown, OUCH! 
While cliff jumping in Raystown when I was jumping off, I saw something really big underneath me, it looked somewhat like a monster snake. I was terrified …

R&C Scuba 
My name is David Smith and I am the owner of R&C Scuba, located in Hesston, PA. I am hosting, along with Seven Points Marina, Project AWARE, and several …

Do you Believe in Raystown Ray? 
This is Bud Phillips of Altoona and I simply will not swim in Raystown Lake or boat or go on the water of any sort. I know of people who let their …

Publicity Stunt 
I also heard that Sasquatch has been spotted in the area. I would like to know how a creature of this size could find it's way into a man-made lake. But …

Raystown Ray Myth Not rated yet
this is not real...its just a myth...

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