Explore Pennsylvania History and
Pennsylvania National Landmarks

PA National Landmark The World Famous Horseshoe Curve PA Historic Landmark America's Oldest Gas Station PA National Landmark The Worlds Oldest Roller Coaster

Visit Pennsylvania National Landmarks and explore fascinating history and legends.

Introduce your family to your roots where generations of immigrants from all over the world have built unique Pennsylvania Colony History and heroic events that have created Pennsylvania nickname "The Keystone State".

Take your time exploring the Pennsylvania Mountains and discover a lot of Pennsylvania History that is hard to find in the history books.

Allow me to guide you through the Allegheny Mountains Historical Sites, Legends, and Pennsylvania National Landmarks. Many of these landmarks are rarely found by tourists.

PA Historic Landmark Altoona Baker Mansion PA Historic Landmark Johnstown Incline Plane PA Historic Landmark Altoona Mishler Theater

Historical and National
Pennsylvania Landmarks

This list is just the beginning of the Pennsylvania History I want to share with you. You'll learn all about the Pennsylvania Colony History, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and how immigrants from all over the world settled in the Pennsylvania Mountains.

I'll be adding more Pennsylvania Attractions as my time permits. In the meantime, read the pages and learn the history behind these Pennsylvania National Landmarks before you travel through the mountains. You'll quickly discover once your start exploring many regions actually date back to times when the area was nothing more than a frontier land.

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The Allegheny Mountain Legends Are Historic

As you explore the Allegheny Mountains you will notice there are many Pennsylvania National Landmarks that no longer exist. Like The Famous Ship Hotel, located on the Historic Lincoln Highway. People from all over the country would travel to see the famous view and spend the night located at one of the highest Pennsylvania Mountain peaks. You can still visit the site the famous ship stood on. The view alone is worth the trip.

The famous Pennsylvania Railroad is now the Norfolk Southern Railroad. When you visit Altoona, PA you can still see the old shops and railroad tracks. Visit the Railroaders Memorial Museum and interact in the history of Altoona and surrounding areas. You can visit many PA Memorials and learn the Pennsylvania History while your family interacts with the many Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials.

Give your family a vacation that will not only entertain them but will also educate them about the Pennsylvania Railroad and how it all connects to the history of the United States. They'll be having so much fun they won't even suspect they're getting and education.


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