Keep The Poison Fluoride Out Of Central Pennsylvania!

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Central Pennsylvania is about to have poison fluoride added to its water supply! Read the truth about fluoride and what you can do to help keep Central Pennsylvania's natural water supply safe.

For years and years, the citizens of Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Bellwood, Duncansville, Newry, and surrounding areas have been blest with one of the states best natural water supplies. So, why in Heaven's name would anyone in their right mind want to put the poison FLUORIDE in our water?

Well here we go again! The people with the most profit to gain are once again pushing their lies on the good of FLUORIDATION. The big companies that produce aluminum and fertilizer had to get rid of their toxic waste. This toxic waste is called FLUORIDE. On the toxic metal index it is rated just between ARSENIC and LEAD. By law, they were not allowed to dispose this toxic waste in our streams or put it into the ground.

So instead of them having to spend millions on trying to find a safe filtering system, with their deep pockets and powerful financiers, they influenced Government leaders. They created their own Government Board called Department of Natural Health. With this health department now in place, they stated that FLUORIDE is good for our health. So good they said that FLUORIDE can prevent cavities in our childrens' teeth.

It's important to note that when you add FLUORIDE to the water supply you are not just adding it to the drinking water. In Central Pennsylvania you will be bathing in it! When you bath your skin absorbs the toxins into your blood stream. When you water your garden your vegetable will be absorbing this heavy metal. Your pets and wildlife will be drinking this poison. The natural Central Pennsylvania streams will be polluted by Fluoride from the wastewater and runoff from the reservoirs. So don't think by going out and buying bottled water you will protect yourself from this poison.

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Don't Allow Our Children Be The Toxic Filtering System in Central Pennsylvania!

Bingo! They just found their filtering system, small but millions of them. The filters they found just happen to be the children, parents, grandparents, and yes even our pets. With the government in their back pocket, they did all this without any scientific study to prove that FLUORIDE is safe for the health of our body, let alone that it prevents cavities.

These same companies and special interest groups are still putting this POISON in our everyday products: toothpaste, mouthwash, underarm deodorant, and in rat poison and pesticides and others.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve the use of FLUORIDE in the fluoridation of water. They consider FLUORIDE as an unapproved drug. So what legal right do we have to put it in our water supply?

The American Cancer Society does not approve of fluoridation of water systems. They have yet to see any scientific proof that FLUORIDE is not a risk to our health.

"I would advise against fluoridation…side-effects cannot be excluded.." Dr. Avid Carlsson, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine (2000)

"Water contains a number of substances that are undesirable, and fluorides are just one of them" Dr. F. A. Bull, State Dental Director

Even the AMA concedes that no studies were done to determine any side effects caused by fluoridation.

These same large companies will not sit down with their scientists and debate with health scientists and health experts to the health hazards of FLUORADATION. If FLUORIDATION is so good for us, why have 12 Nobel prize winners termed it worthless? You will not find a doctor or dentist that will tell you the FLUORIDE is safe and not a risk to your health. It is also amazing that our own local hospital approves of putting this poison in our water system. Ever since we were little in Central Pennsylvania, we were told that the hospital is there to help us get better. We are now seeing that big pockets are putting pressure on them to say stupid things. So, lets all do the smart thing and keep our water system in Central Pennsylvania free from this poison, and end this yearly debate on FLUORIDATION. We will all be happy and far more healthy for it!

In 1993, The Environmental Studies and Toxicology Board of the National Research Council (NRC) reported that fluoridation of municipal drinking water supplies may result in dental fluorosis in about 10% of the population. You have a 1 in 10 chance of experiencing tooth damage from water fluoridation!!!

Even UNICEF, a United Nations organization, cautions that excess fluoride exposure negatively affects children's health. In their official position statement, they state, "But more and more scientists are now seriously questioning the benefits of fluoride, even in small amounts."

JAMA study demonstrated a link between hip fractures in the elderly and water fluoridated at 1 ppm-- Journal of American Medical Assoc.

For more information on FLUORIDATION, click on these sites below:

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Contacting The Altoona City Authority

If you live in Pennsylvania, especially Central Pennsylvania, please take the time to contact the Altoona City Authority and tell them of you concern about adding FLUORIDE in our water supply.

There are three ways to reach the Altoona City Authority:

Phone Altoona City Authority at:


Write to Altoona City Authority at:

Altoona City Authority
20 Greenwood Road
Altoona, PA 16602

Even if you do not live in Pennsylvania but you are still concerned about our county being forced to have Poison Fluoride added to your water supply take the time today to contact the Altoona City Authority and take a stand with Central Pennsylvania. We all have to take a stand somewhere.

There are many residents in California that wish they would have taken a stand when Gov. Pete Wilson signed a bill mandating that all water systems in California be fluoridated. Apparently he wasn't aware that fluoridation is of little value in preventing tooth decay in children. He couldn't have been aware that by passing this bill he put thousands of Californians at risk for heart disease, cancer, allergies and other health problems for generations to come.

Fluoride is actually more toxic than lead, and only slightly less harmful than arsenic. It is a first rate rat poison!

Have you wondered why the last country in Europe to permit fluoridation was Basel, Switzerland, suddenly stopped? Because after they started fluoridating , kids cavity rates increased. By contrast, rates in the rest of fluoride-free Europe declined. So why, you many ask, did anyone fluoridate in the first place?

Fluoride is a by-product of aluminum productions. Aluminum producers must dispose of it. But this was a very expensive proposition prior to fluoridation. Back then, the only approved uses for fluoride were as an INSECTICIDE or a RAT POISON!

Do you know that one of the first studies "proving" the anti-cavity power of fluoridation water was funded by the aluminum industry?

Was that ingenious or what? If you can't dispose of a toxin just delude health authorities that it's healthy.

Now we pay them to pour rat poison into our water supply…And what's the result? Fluoridated water!

Take a stand with Central Pennsylvania today and tomorrow your water supply may be protected against government deciding what is healthy for us!


Email The Altoona City Authority

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