100 Pennsylvania Facts & Trivia

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How many Pennsylvania facts do you know? Are you curious what the Pennsylvania nickname is or the PA state colors, bird or animal? Here are 100 PA facts and a bit of trivia information that you may be surprised to learn.

But first let's see if you know the answer to a few samples.

  • What is the highest point in Pennsylvania?
  • Who was the only US President form Pennsylvania?
  • What Pennsylvania city was named as the capital of the US for one day?
  • Where was the United State's first major nuclear power plant accident?
  • What is the Pennsylvania state motto?

How many of these 5 sample questions could you answer? Well, for the answers to these questions and 95 more you'll have to read the Pennsylvania facts and trivia list below. Even if you consider yourself a PA History buff you will probably find some Pennsylvania trivia surprising.

PA Facts

1. What is Pennsylvania's nickname? The Keystone State

2. What does Pennsylvania mean? Penns Woods

3. What are the state colors? Blue & Gold

4. What is the state animal? White Tailed Deer

5. What is the state flower? Mountain Laurel

6. What is the state tree? Hemlock

7. What is the state fish? Brook Trout

8. What is the state bird? Ruffled Grouse

9. What is the state insect? Firefly or Lightening Bug

10. What is the state beverage? Milk

11. What is the state dog? Great Dane

12. What is Pennsylvania's most valuable mineral? Coal

13. How many counties are in Pennsylvania? 67

14. What is Pennsylvania's motto? Virtue, Liberty & Independence

15. How does Pennsylvania rank in size among the 50 states? 33rd

16. How many state parks are there in Pennsylvania? 117

17. How many school districts are there in Pennsylvania? 501

18. Where is the oldest gas station in the United States located? Altoona, PA

19. The first drive-in gas station was located in? Pittsburgh

20. The first US coast-to-coast highway in the US was? Route 30

21. What year did Pennsylvania become a state? 1787

22. What is the highest point in Pennsylvania? Mount Davis

23. What is the lowest elevation in Pennsylvania? Delaware River

24. How long is a Pennsylvania Governor elected for? 4 years

25. Who was the only US President from Pennsylvania? James Buchanan

26. What is the capitol of Pennsylvania? Harrisburg

27. What is the name of the river at the state capital? Susquehanna

28. In Pennsylvania how old must you be to vote? 18

29. How many senators does Pennsylvania have? 2

30. Where is the oldest golf course in America? Clarion

31. Pennsylvania is officially called a? Commonwealth

32. What state is located directly north of Pennsylvania? New York

33. Who was Pennsylvania's only woman governor? Hanna Penn

34. What is the second largest city in Pennsylvania? Pittsburgh

35. What two states are located West of Pennsylvania? West Virginia & Ohio

photo of a road sign warning of Amish buggy crossing in PA photo of the Inner Circle at PA Ground Hogs Day celebration photo of sign leading to the famous Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

More Fun with Interesting
Pennsylvania Trivia

36. What state in the US has the most covered bridges? Pennsylvana

37. What PA Governor was the first to be Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security? Tom Ridge

38. What Pennsylvania city was home to famous movie actor Jimmy Stewart? Indiana

39. Before Harrisburg, what two PA cities were state capitals? Philadelphia & Lancaster

40. What Pennsylvania city was named as the capital of the US for one day? Lancaster

41. What two Pennsylvania counties have more deer than people? Cameron & Potter

42. What famous person actually designed Philadelphia? William Penn

43. Who gave Penn's Woods to William Penn? King Charles II of engleand

44. What is the PA county with the least population? Forest

45. What is the name of William Penn's home? Pennsbury Manor

46. What is another name for the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania? Great Pennsylvania Northern

47. What does "Pennsylvania Dutch" really mean? Pennsylvania German

48. Where was the United State's first major nuclear power plant accident? Three Mile Island

49. What PA town was the first ever to be illuminated by electricity in 1881? Philipsburg

50. What writing instrument was invented in Philadelphia? Pencil with Attached Eraser

51. Pennsylvanian Andrew Carnegie is best known for what industry? Steel

52. The first white settlers in Pennsylvania were of what nationality? Swedish & Dutch

53. What two rivers join to form the Ohio River: Allegheny & Monongahela

54. What river in Pennsylvania flows North? Monongahela

55. The first and only surrender by George Washington occurred at where in 1758? Fort Necessity

56. What did Pennsylvanian Christopher L. Sholes invent? Typewriter

57. What Pennsylvanian established the first ire company in the United States? Benjamin Franklin

58. The first what in the United States was established in 1731? Public Library

59. The "Big Mac" hit of McDonalds originated in what Pennsylvania city? Uniontown

60. What sport was played in Pittsburgh in 1903 for the very first time? World Series

61. What was the name of Ben Franklin's journal? Poor Richards Almanac

62. What is the name of Pittsburgh's popular football team? Steelers

63. Can you name the famous golfer from Latrobe, PA? Arnold Palmer

64. What time zone is Pennsylvania located in? Eastern

65. What waterfalls is called "The Niagara of Pennsylvania"? Bushkill Falls

66. There are only 3 other states in the United States that are a Commonwealth besides PA, what are they? Virginia, Massachusetts & Kentucky

67. The United States Articles of confederation were adopted in what Pennsylvania city? York

68. What musical instrument did Anthony Faas patent in 1854 in Pennsylvania? Accordian

69. What famous Pennsylvanian woman made the first United States flag? Betsy Ross

70. What form of public transportation first began in Philadelphia in 1884? Taxi

71. What Somerset County town did Flight 93 crash near on September 11, 2001? Shanksville

72. Can you name 2 branches of the PA Legislature? Senate & House of Representatives

73. After what war did England take control of Pennsylvania? French and Indian War

74. What world book known all over the world was first published in Pennsylvania around 1743? The Holy Bible

75. John Bartram established this first in the US at Philadelphia in 1728? Botanical Grden

76. Who was the famous Dr. that discovered the polio vaccine in 1952 at the University of Pittsburgh? Dr. Jonas Salk

77. What amusement ride was invented by George Ferris of Pittsburgh? The Ferris Wheel

78. What world famous winter festival is celebrated in Pennsylvania every February 2nd? Groundhogs Day

79. What Pennsylvania city did Washington's soldiers spend the winter of 1777? Valley Forge

80. What famous ice cream treat originated in Latrobe, PA in 1904?

81. What famous house located at Bear Run was built by Frank Lloyd Wright? Falling Water

82. What is the name of the second house build by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1954? Kentuck Knob

83. Philadelphia had the first department store in the United States what was the name of it? Wannamaker's

84. The first natural Republican convention was held in 1856 in what Pennsylvania city? Pittsburgh

85. The game of bingo was first introduced in the United States in what Pennsylvania city? Pittsburgh

86. Bubble Gum first originated in Pennsylvania in 1928 in what city? Philadelphia

87. The very first beauty salon opened in what Pennsylvania city? Philadelphia

88. What is Philadelphia's nickname? city of Brotherly Lover

89. Monroe county was named after what U.S. President? James Monroe

90. What U.S. President retired to live on a farm in Pennsylvania? Dwight D. Eisenhower

91. What did Pennsylvanian native Robert Fulton invent? Steamboat

92. What was the first radio station in the United States? KDKA in Pittsburgh

93. What famous Central Pennsylvania landmark was on the German top 10 hit list to be sabotaged during WWII? The World Famous Horseshoe Curve

94. What is known as the Slowest Roller Coaster in the world? Johnstown's Incline Plane

95. What is the name of a Russian Prince that became a priest and came to Central PA and started a Catholic Colony, there is a state park and a mountain town named after him? Prince Gallitzin

96. What is the name of the area in Bedford County, PA that is known to defy gravity? Gravity Hill

97. What is known through the Allegheny Mountains as "The Wall that Heals"? The Viet Nam War Memorial in Altoona, PA

98. What National Engineering Landmark in Pennsylvania was destroyed by a F1 tornado July 21, 2003?

99. During the Revolutionary War, what city hid the Liberty Bell? Allentown

100. What was the first magazine in the United State published in Philadelphia? The American Magazine

I hope you enjoyed reading through the 100 Pennsylvania facts and trivia. You can find more information about many of the trivia questions on this website.


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