Mysteriously Haunted Pennsylvania
Hauntings Since The Early 1700s

Blair County Haunted PA prison View of Jean Bonnet Tavern View of Baker Mansion

Many legends are written about the history behind the mysterious haunted Pennsylvania attractions. People travel from all over the world to investigate and write about the ghostly tales.

See how local artists capture the spirit of ghostly legends. Read excerpts written by local paranormal writers and the fascinating history through years of research and documented proof that these ghost do exist. Many have come to debunk the legends but none have succeeded.

See pictures of real Haunted Houses Pennsylvania, read the history of the Haunted Museums, and famous Pennsylvania Ghosts. These ghosts still haunt many popular Pennsylvania hotels, historic mansions and even on murals!

Haunted Pennsylvania places you can visit:

  • Visit the Blair County Historic Society at the Historical Haunted Baker Mansion for documented proof of ghost sightings. Take a tour and see if you can find the famous wedding dress!
  • Explore the history behind the ghosts that haunt the famous Jean Bonnet Tavern that dates back to the 1700s, when Shawnee Indians roamed through the Allegheny Mountains and took refuge at Shawnee State Park.
  • Read about the experience I had while attending a real ghost hunt at the Altoona Railroaders Museum. Learn what a ghostly orb is and how to find them in your digital pictures.
  • Do you know that there are two legends of the White Lady? One is The White Lady of Wopsy, the other is The White Lady of The Buckhorn. Local artist, Joe Servello, has painted pictures of both.
  • Taps Ghost Hunters came to Altoona, PA. They have had several investigations in this area then showed what they found on their T.V. Show. They left with proof there are real haunted houses! I have experienced living in haunted houses. One ghost was mean and hated us living there. We lived through a two year nightmare.
  • Read the history and the curious hauntings at the famous Historical Pennsylvania Royer Mansion, located in Blair County, PA
  • Evan the BBC is convinced that the Historic Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions are real. They travel to our area every couple of years. They have filmed and broadcasted a documentary of the historical Pennsylvania of a Haunted Brothel, Hotel Lincoln, located in the Bedford, PA, area.
  • See the pictures, and read the testimonies of the Altoona Railroaders Museum employees.
  • One of the Ghost Research Foundation's favorite hauntings is the Historic U.S. Hotel. They have had some real scary experiences there!
  • View the pictures I took outdoors at the Drive-in Theater.
  • I have taken pictures inside the historicMishler Theater This old theater is full of ghosts, read the testimony of a 12 year old girl while visiting the Mishler.
  • Meet a local mural artist. While painting a beautiful mural for downtown Altoona. One of our tricky Pennsylvania ghosts was trying to sneak a ride on her freshly painted streetcar!
  • Read about Altoona's best-kept Secret Pennsylvania Ghost. The sightings have been at the World Famous Horseshoe Curve!

  • Have you heard about Raystown Ray yet? It's known as Central Pennsylvania's Lochnest Monster!

White Lady of The Buckhorn Mountain, by Joe Servello

I grew up in the Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains and I have heard many legends. I have also experienced hauntings first hand.

The one thing I have learned is; Ghosts are like bees, if you don't get too excited and swat at them, they usually will leave you alone, usually.

Here is one of the beautiful oil painting of the White Lady of Whopsy by artist, Joe Servello. He's by far my favorite Pennsylvania artist. He has an art studio in downtown Altoona. He's famous for creating memories in art of many landscapes and building that no longer exist in Central Pennsylvania. He's also illustrated and wrote childrens literature.

Do you have a Pennsylvania Ghostly Tale, Paranormal Picture or know of a Haunted Place in Pennsylvania to tell the world about? Just click on this link and start writing.

Share Your Pennsylvania Ghostly Tale or Read What other Visitors Wrote

Are You Skeptical About
Ghosts, Ghostly Orbs, Hauntings?

Are Haunted Pennsylvania Attractions fact or fiction? Do you need proof?

Kelly's Bar at Altoona Railroaders Museum The Ghost Hunters from the Ghost Research Foundation have gathered a lot of documented proof of these hauntings, through pictures, videos, and audio sounds. They enjoy holding many Historic Ghost Hunts throughout the Allegheny Mountains.

Patty Wilson, a ghost hunter from the Ghost Research Foundation, has written several interesting books on the subject. Some of the stories here are credited to Patty's investigations.

Here is a list of some of Patty Wilson's books you might enjoy reading;

  • Haunted Pennsylvania
  • The Pennsylvania Ghost Guides 1, 2, &3
  • Where Dead Men Walk
  • Boos and Brews, Haunted Taverns
  • Inns and Hotels in Pennsylvania
According to Patty there are several other books coming out soon!

picture of ghostly orb taken in my living room Learn about ghostly orbs and what they actually represent in a picture. Find out why digital cameras are better to use while ghost hunting.

Learn what equipment the Paranormal Investigators use when on a Ghost Hunt.

See real ghostly orbs and learn how to look for them in your digital photos! You might be in for a big surprise by just taking simple digital photos around your house. I know I was.

Visit And Experience Historical Pennsylvania and
Our Historic Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions

photo of ghostly orbs inside Historic Mishler Theater Are you skeptical when it comes to the supernatural? Are you having a hard time believing all this hype about Haunted Pennsylvania Attractions?

Do you enjoy reading ghost stories but think they are just stories, and urban legends? Maybe so, maybe not. Some people refuse to be convinced no matter what kind of proof you offer.

All I can tell you is what I know to be true, and I can give you my opinion. It's up to you to decide if you want to believe them or not.

Above is a picture I took at the Historic Mishler Theater, as you can see there are many ghostly orbs lurking through the theater.

If you love Haunted Pennsylvania Attractions but still a bit skeptical click on the links throughout this page for more in depth accounts of many Pennsylvania ghost sightings.

Whatever you do, don't miss a really unique Halloween treat. High atop the Allegheny Mountains, deep in the forest, you can enjoy the Mount Assisi All Saints and Souls Tour , offered over the last weekend in October. Please note, this tour is not for small children!

I'll be adding a lot more information and proof as time goes on.

You know, there is something better than reading about these hauntings. You can come to The Allegheny Mountains and experience many of these Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions yourself.

Explore our haunted theater, have dinner in a haunted hotel, or better yet, join the Ghost Research Foundation on a ghost hunt.

Take your time and browse around Haunted Pennsylvania. Mark this page in your favorite places or click on the RSS feed. I'll be adding more pages as my time permits.

Share this website with your friends and family. Even if they are a little skeptical they can still learn a lot about historical Pennsylvania.

I know you realize you finally found the best Haunted Pennsylvania website!


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