Haunted Houses In Pennsylvania
Ghostly Orbs In My House!

ghostly orbs in my house!

Taps Ghost Hunters from SciFi TV devoted a whole program about haunted houses in Pennsylvania. They also investigated several haunted houses in Altoona. They left with documented proof that without a doubt strange hauntings are happening in this area.

Altoona, PA isn't the only area with documented haunted attractions. The Allegheny Mountains has historic haunted sites that draws attention from all over the world.

Look closely on the wall of my dinning room you'll see several ghostly orbs. I have no doubt my house is haunted!

Have you ever wondered why so many sites in Pennsylvania are haunted? I'm sure history has something to do with that. Much of our history dates back to the 1700s. We have many buildings and historic family attractions from that period.

Like the historic Royer Mansion , it's a mysterious haunted site, full of history and ghostly sightings.

If you have never experienced living in a haunted house, then right about now you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking, these Pennsylvanians will write about anything to get attention.

Keep reading, I not will not only tell you the stories, I'll show you the pictures of the ghostly energy orbs in the haunted houses in Pennsylvania.

Believe what you want, but I'm here to tell you I have lived in 3 haunted houses in Pennsylvania,, maybe more, but 3 I am sure of. There is no doubt, I'm living in one right now!

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Living In Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania
Can Be So Mysterious!

The first of the haunted houses in Pennsylvania I lived in This house I lived in over 30 years ago. It was my first real experience with the paranormal. Whatever haunts this house, I know for sure, it is dangerous.

We lived in this haunted house in Pennsylvania, a total of 2 years and I still shiver when I think about it. My son would wake up during the night screaming. He fell down the steps many times and swore somebody pushed him. I was forever taking him to the hospital with broken bones from the falls.

Many nights I would be sound asleep and suddenly a weird shock would travel through my body. The shock would be so severe I would be standing on my feet beside my bed before I even woke up. Every doctor and test provided proof there was no reasonable explanation for this problem. We moved from that haunted house, shortly after all these incidents and none of us ever experienced these frightening nightmares again.

Ghostly orbs on the wall on Christmas Day Here you can see several large ghostly orbs on the wall behind my wood stove pipe. I took this picture on Christmas Eve. It looks to me that our family ghosts were all gathering for our traditional Christmas Eve celebration, or maybe they just enjoy the heat from the wood burner, who knows!

A Ghostly Woman Haunted This Old House

The second haunted PA house I lived in This is my second of the haunted houses in Pennsylvania I lived in. Even though I never saw the ghostly figure, other people did.

My husband walked into the living room to watch the noon news on TV. My mother was standing in the kitchen. The dining room was between them. My mother called to my husband to come out to the kitchen. In the dinning room, between them, stood a ghostly woman. She turned her head each way and looked at each of them and then just vanished.

My mother calmly looked at my husband and said, "I didn't see anything, did you?"

My husband just stood there for a moment, then said. "No, I didn't see her either."

This Old House It's Full Of Ghostly Orbs

I have been living in the same haunted house in Pennsylvania for 25 years now. The house was built in 1880. Along with the house came a ton of history and legends.

My husbands workshop in the basement with bright ghostly energy orb

The picture here was taken in our basement, notice the ghostly orb sitting on the front of my husband's saw.

We found an old wine press in the cellar. We learned that during prohibition the man that lived here was a bootlegger. The Revenuers came to this house to arrest him but he jumped out the back second floor window into the yard. He was shot and killed running through the yard while climbing over the stone wall that leads to the ally.

I can go through this haunted house in Pennsylvania at any time with my digital camera and I will find ghostly orbs in my pictures.

I managed to catch a huge ghostly orb on the oil painting I completed in 2000. This painting is hanging above my couch.

Until recently I didn't know what a ghostly orb was, not until I attended a ghost hunt at the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum . If you're not sure what a ghostly orb is you can read about it at the link above.

A huge ghostly orb laying on my oil painting Who ever these spirits are, they love to play tricks on our entire family. There is rarely a day that passes that somebody in the house don't misplace something. We have lost so many things without any explanation. Suddenly that same item will appear in plain site.

At this writing our ghostly friends keep hiding our cell phones only to find months later in the same areas we searched over and over again. Even though I know the last cell phone we lost is turned off, I will suddenly hear it ring. But only one ring! I've followed the sound but still can't find the phone.

Objects are always falling or flying off shelves. The phone will suddenly have a strange ring with no one calling. The TV will become loud or mute, yet nobody is touching the remote.

One day my oldest son jokingly shouted, "OK, if someone is here, do something to prove to me you're here." Without any hesitation a picture of him as a baby flew off the TV and crashed to the floor. Needless to say, the look on his face was a Kodac moment.

The dog will suddenly throw a barking fit, yet we see nobody to bark at.

The cats will suddenly jump onto our laps and stare off into space, then slowly turn their heads as if watching something moving about.

I have awoken to the sound of footsteps walking around my bedroom in the middle of the night, only to find everybody else in the house is asleep.

Many times while sitting in the living room watching TV I will catch a glimpse of something walking across the room, only to turn and see nothing.

Family And Friends Testify
Of Their Haunted Houses In Pennsylvania

Living in haunted houses in Pennsylvania can easily be the topic of discussion at any family gathering.

My sister-in-law was talking about a rental property she owns. They lived in this haunted house for about 7 years before buying another property.

She has told me about hearing the toilet flush when nobody else was in the house. Many times she would hear footsteps and see shadows crossing over the walls when she was the only person in the house.

She rented this property out many times to different families that never stayed long. They always mentioned moving because the house was haunted. One family even had a priest come to the haunted house in Pennsylvania and performed a Catholic exorcism.

A clear ghostly orb caught on a chimney in the attic Here is a picture of a perfect example of a ghostly orb. This picture was taken in the attic of the last of the haunted houses in Pennsylvania I am living in now!

A good friend of mine was telling me at art class about a haunted house in Pennsylvania she was renting many years ago.

She was in the process of moving, her sister was looking for a house to rent. She approached her about the house she was moving from.

She told me she wanted to tell her sister about the spirit that followed her from room to room. Or of a picture taken in that house with a smoky figure caught standing next to her. But her sister was recently divorced and needed to find a home for herself and two sons in a hurry.

Years passed and her sister never mentioned about the haunted house. Not until one of her nephews approached her at a family gathering. Her nephew, now grown, asked his aunt if she ever knew that the house they moved into after her was haunted.

He told his aunt of seeing a misty figure of a man following his mother from room to room and at night he would see the misty figure in his bedroom and watch it vanish into the heat transit in the floor.

My husband worked with a man that moved his family into that same haunted house in Pennsylvania after the sister and her sons left. One day at work this man mentioned to my husband that the house his family was living in was haunted. He talked about seeing something like a misty figure of a man vanish down into the heat transit in the one bedroom.

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I hope you enjoyed the stores of the haunted houses in Pennsylvania.

Enjoy more haunting stories about a popular haunted hotel in our area.

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