Interact with Pennsylvania History
At The Old Bedford Village

Sign at the entrance to the Old Bedford Village A piece of Pennsylvania history covered bridge leading to the Old Bedford Village A piece of Pennsylvania a statue of squier welcoming to Old Bedford Village

Enjoy an Old Fashioned Pennsylvania Colonial Christmas at Old Bedford Village
December 3rd & December 10th, 2011

Interact with Pennsylvania History at the Old Bedford Village in Bedford County. Just a short distance from the Historic Lincoln Highway, it's worth taking a small detour. Explore American History and the beginning of a Pennsylvania Colony.

The early American artisans formed the industrial base of our great nation. Nearly every pioneer brought a particular skill to the new world. At Old Bedford Village these skills are recreated in authentic fashion and many of the crafts are available for sale in the Old Bedford Village gift Shop or General Store.

Pennsylvania History at Old Bedford Village as a Confederate Soldier crossing over the bridge From the moment you cross over the beautiful, one lane, covered bridge you are suddenly transformed back in time. It was a time when life seemed so simple yet hard. Each shop and early settler had it's own unique specialty that was shared with it's community. Every skill you see is depending on each other for survival.

Bedford PA is a small community that takes pride in it's heritage and PA history. Taking the beautiful tour through the Allegheny Mountains just a small detour from the historic Lincoln Highway and arriving in Bedford County makes every visitor realize they have entered a unique community where Pennsylvania History was founded.

Halloween Events

Join author Patty A. Wilson and Scott Crownover, both of Travel Channel’s Mysterious Journeys, as they host various haunting events in the area this fall along with members of the Ghost Research Foundation.

October 23: Old Bedford Village opens its doors for the first time to embrace its paranormal history. The historic village is allowing a one time ghost hunt. Join researchers from the renowned Ghost Research Foundation run by author Patty A. Wilson and Scott Crownover as they unravel the haunted history of the village’s various buildings and allow you a chance to do paranormal research in this unique site. The ghostly evening ends with an optional haunted walk of historic Bedford. Contact Old Bedford Village at 623-1156 for ticket information.

Mastercard and VISA are accepted for all events.

Check out our site at or contact us at 814-494-3545 for a speaking engagement.

A part of Pennsylvania history a woman using a spinning wheel at Old Bedford Village An old Pennsylvania Colony church at Old Bedford Village A part of the Pennsylvania Colony at Old Bedford Village

Some Village Buildings Built in 1700s!

photo of a Pennsylvania historical school house at Old Bedford Village It's so much fun to walk through Pennsylvania History and realize the difference in the way we live today compared to the beginning of the Pennsylvania Colony and how they must have felt preparing for surviving long PA winters and school.

The Old Bedford Village brings the past into the present in an interactive way that is not only entertaining it's as educational as going to school.

photo of a one room schoolhouse classroom at Old Bedford Village While looking at the school desks, I couldn't help but wonder if a teacher from our era would walk into that classroom and try to describe home computers, a digital camera, printers, TV and satellite. The list is endless of what we could only be described as the future.

The Old Bedford Village offers a rich variety of Pennsylvania History with educational and entertainment activities. Visitors of all ages enjoy the military and civilian reenactments, colonial crafts, exhibits and instructions.

Have you ever seen a one-room schoolhouse that is octagon shape? Even in Colonial Pennsylvania the architecture was full of artistic vision.

Pennsylvania historical octagon one room school house at Old Bedford Village Many of the fine craftsmen you see demonstrating their artistic talents offer classes in their art. You could actually learn, candle making, quilting, coopering, blacksmithing and using a spinning wheel. You'll also find a variety of holiday celebrations throughout the year at the historical Old Bedford Village. Each celebration comes alive with customs and historical dishes from that era.

What would Pennsylvania History be without a variety of old churches? You'll find that at the Old Bedford Village you'll not only see these old churches but they are sill using them for services and weddings.

photo of an old well located next to a beautiful old church at Old Bedford Village Get your pocket change out and make a wish at the old preserved well next to one of the old churches at Old Bedford Village. Of course the proceeds from the well always goes to a good cause in the community.

Pennsylvania History Enjoyed Year Round!
At Old Bedford Village

Pennsylvania history shows a person being shackled to a wooden block in the town square for punishment Who could resist shackling their son in the town square at the Old Bedford Village? That's my son posing for the picture the day we were there. In those times if you were caught swearing or doing anything that would embarrass the community you would spend your day there.

The Old Bedford Village is dedicated to preserving and interpreting Pennsylvania History, especially early rural architecture, artifacts, and folk life. Experience an earlier America through displays, oral interpretations, and craft demonstrations.

An old covered wagon, without the cover, standing as Pennsylvania history at Old Bedford Village You won't miss seeing the old covered wagon that stands at the entrance to the gift shop at Old Bedford Village. This is just a small example of the artifacts you'll find sitting around the village.

Pennsylvania has four beautiful seasons and you can visit the Old Bedford Village year round. You'll find every season has a special celebration and meaning to this living history.

You find a really beautiful Pennsylvania Colony Christmas celebration that sticks to the tradition of early America.

Halloween you'll find ghostly folk tales and all the old fashioned traditional tricks and treats.

You're going to love visiting Bedford County while you're in the area visit the Jean Bonnet Tavern. Here you'll find more Pennsylvania History and the tales of the Shawnee Indians. This tavern has so many ghostly tales to share with their visitors!

Visit Shawnee State Park , it's named after the Shawnee Indians. They took refuge in this Pennsylvania State Park in the 1700s, there are still Indian artifacts being found in the area.

Directions and Contact Information

Hours of Operation:

  • Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Open 9 am to 5 pm
  • Closed Wednesdays

  • After Labor Day through October 27
  • Open Thursday through Sunday 9 am to 5 pm
  • Old Bedford Village will be closed for the winter season except for special events.
  • Old Bedford Village
  • 220 Sawblade Rd.
  • Bedford PA 15522
  • USA


  • 1-800-238-4347or


  • FAX814 623-1158 Regular Admission:


  • Adult Admission $10
  • Students (Age 6 through College w/ ID) $6
  • Under Age 6 FREE

  • Senior Citizen, AAA, and Group Discounts off the Regular Adult Admission are available.
  • Group Tours:

  • The Village welcomes groups for tours! Groups of 20 or more receive a discount off our regular adult admission rates. Special group packages and guided tours may also be available. Call or email for details and booking information.
  • (814)623-1156/800-238-4347


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