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The Bakers of Bakers Mansion PA  Museum Josf of The Heritage Discovery Center PA Museum immigrant women standing in front of a butchershop at PA Museum

Allow me to introduce you to the many Historic Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials and guide you through the Allegheny Mountains.

Many of the museums and memorials are located in small communities, PA State Parks, Pennsylvania Amusement Parks, and deep in the forests or along a mountains side road. You'll discover some of these Pennsylvania Attractions in nooks and crannies of the Allegheny Mountains that you'd never think of looking or driving down that old country back road.

Travel along the beautiful Historic Lincoln Highway and discover beautiful scenic views, Historical Attractions, and family entertainment. For instance, stop at the old site of the famous Grandview Ship Hotel on Route 30. From the lookout you'll see 3 states and 7 counties.

photo of the entrance sign to Flight 93 Memorial On this historic route you'll find our newest Historic Pennsylvania Memorial, The Flight 93 Memorial.

Visit small communities through the mountains and you'll find they still celebrate historic events and love showing off their historic charm.

Known as one of the most beautiful Victorian Downtowns in the country, Bellefont, PA, was named after a large spring that still flows through the center of the city. Take an historical train ride while visiting Bellefont's Historical Railroad.

Within a few minutes drive from State College, PA, you'll discover Boalsburg, PA, this community is over 200 year old, and known as the birthplace of Memorial Day celebration. Spend some time venturing through the Historic Boalsburg's Boal Mansion Museum.

photo of a church built in the 1700s at Old Bedford Village Bedford, PA is another small community that will charm you with Historic Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials and stories that will keep your family entertained throughout your visit. Your tour wouldn't be complete without visiting the Fort Bedford Museum or The Old Bedford Village. There is no place like Bedford, PA, that invites you to take a step back in time and celebrate your heritage. While in the Bedford area make sure you make a stop at the Jean Bonnet Tavern for a delicous meal. It was once a French Fort and dates back to the 1700s.

A photo of a man looking at a portrait of Jimmy Stewart and his pooka, Harvey Take a little side trip off the beaten path and visit Indiana, PA known as the home of James Stewart. Tour this beautiful Pennsylvania Museum known as The Jimmy Stewart Museum.

Beautiful Historic Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials
National Historic Charm and Tradition

photo of trinkets left on display at Flight 93 Memorial The Allegheny Mountains have such an interesting mix of Historical Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials. Some are located in convenient locations throughout different communities. Others are hidden in places you'd never expect to find a memorial or museum.

United Flight 93 Memorial is one of those Historical Pennsylvania Memorials that isn't very easy to find. Of course the story behind the hero's of this flight tells of the miracle of where this plane crashed. When you visit this site you too will be amazed.

PRR steam engine workers Pennsylvania is famous for it's Railroad History and dedication to its many Railroads. You might be pleasantly surprised at the tribute paid to the many Railroaders. Plan on visiting The Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Discover the Allegheny Portage Railroad atop Cresson Mountain. The scenic mountain views alone are well worth the trip. Discover the history of how the Portage Railroad connected Pittsburgh to Philadelphia for the first time travelers could travel there in 4 days by train, instead of 3 weeks by wagon.

Make time to pay your respect to our Viet Nam War Memorial and pay honor to our many veterans. Located in front of the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, Altoona, PA, you will find The Wall That Heals. It's the Viet Nam War Memorial replica of the original memorial in Washington DC.

Two soldiers hugging in sorrow Read the 58,202 names of the Viet Nam War Casualties to get a prospective of the sacrifice our country paid. Find out why it's called "The Wall That Heals."

While you're in the area stop by the VA Hospital or the VA Home and shake the hand of a real hero. Take the time to say Thank You!

Visit Communities Atop the Alleghenies

The Allegheny Mountains are full of mountain peaks and valleys. Atop the Alleghenies you'll find many close knit communities. You'll also find many more Historical Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials.

Aftermath of Historic Johnstown Flood Stop in downtown Johnstown and visit The Johnstown Flood Museum . Then visit their second flood Museum called The Johnstown Memorial Flood Museum , located in South Fork, PA. Learn the history of the tragedy of this flood area, and learn the fascinating story of how it all began.

While in the area take a tour of The Johnstown PA Heritage Discovery Center. There you'll learn the history of the millions of PA Immigrants, their history and how they came to the new world and settled in the Allegheny Mountains. See why people migrated from all over the world to build all the small communities. Learn about our Steel Mills and Railroads that were built by the many immigrants.

The Houdini Museum is a magical and mysterious place to visit. Traval through the Pocono Mountains and make a stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania for a unique show and tour.

Historic Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials are famous all over the world. Take your time traveling through the Allegheny Mountains. Learn the history and legends behind the many Historic PA Attractions.

Did you know that in the small community of Boalsburg, PA, among the several Historical Pennsylvania Memorials, one actually has ties to Christopher Columbus?

An old photo of the Lost Children of the Alleghenies In the dense forest of Spruce Hollow you'll find one of the simplest, yet Historic Pennsylvania Memorials. It's called The Lost Children of The Alleghenies . The heartbreaking story tells how our small communities in Pennsylvania pull together in times of grief.

The history and legends go on and on. By acting as your guide through the Allegheny Mountains and the infinity of Pennsylvania Museums and Memorials I know you'll find the history and dedication these communities as interesting and rewarding as I do.


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