The Wall That Heals
58,202 Viet Nam War Casualties

Visit Central Pennsylvania and The Viet Nam War Casualties Memorial, The Wall That Heals. It's located in Altoona, PA and honors the thousands of souls that died out of duty to our country. It's up to us to honor them!

Our Nation honors our Viet Nam War Casualties, along with the courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty and country of all it's Vietnam Veterans. Here is an exact replica of the Viet Nam War Memorial that is located in Washington, DC, it just a much smaller scale.

photo of a plaque of the names on The Wall That Heals Some people may find the Viet Nam War legacy too painful to confront, particularly as strangers in an unfamiliar city. This is what makes the Central PA Wall That Heals-Viet Nam War Memorial so unique.

Millions of people have not yet made the journey to visit The Wall That Heals simply because they don't have the resources. Others may not yet understand the legacy, or their own connection to it. Still others just can't handle being reminded of the many horrors of that war and the thousands of Viet Nam War Casualties.

photo of a small plaque of Viet Nam Casualties names added since 1999 This is a small plaque with the Viet Nam Casualties names added since 1999.

I personally have a deep connection to The Wall and many of its Viet Nam War Casualties. I remember this horrible war. I remember saying goodbye to good friends, only to see them return home in boxes draped with our American flag. I have found their names on The Wall, touched them, and said my goodbyes and my prayers.

Visit the Viet Nam War Memorial for more picture in information about how our community pulled together to bring The Viet Nam War Casualties Memorial to Altoona, PA.

My Personal Memories of the Viet Nam War

Photos from Viet Nam War I feel honored to have this beautiful Viet Nam War Memorial erected in my hometown, Altoona, Pennsylvania. Our community made a lot of sacrifices to have this privilege.

No matter how many wars our country will endure in my lifetime. My thoughts will always return to a moonlit night, in the mid 60s. The night I held a boys hand and said goodbye forever. He was leaving the next morning for Viet Nam. He made a tough decision that night. Should he spend his last night with his friends or his family? He found it easier to be with his friends.

He was barely 18, he had just celebrated his graduation from high school. He told me he wished he could stay here with his family and friends. But he had to go, after all, he was now a Marine.

We made a promised that night. We made a date to go to the drive-in on his first leave home. He never came home. Within a few months we heard that Carrie was killed in action in Viet Nam. A part of the world I knew little about.

Another boy I'd like to tell the world about is Little Eddie. He had bright red hair and a smile that would warm a room. He was always smiling and joking, always making the best out of any situation. During the time he spent in Viet Nam he was featured in a story in Life Magazine.

Pictures of display case memorbella from the Viet Nam War Life Magazine was covering the horrors of the Viet Nam War when they met Eddie. He was smiling and making the best out of his situation, he even joked about it.

The magazine writer wrote about Eddie's smile, he took a lot of pictures of him that day. He wrote a moving article about Eddie and some of his jokes. Little Eddie was the talk Central Pennsylvania.

That article came out a few weeks before Eddie stepped on a land mine. He also came home draped in the American Flag. He left behind a beautiful young wife and infant son.

Both of these names are engraved on The Wall of The Viet Nam War Casualties Memorial. There are 58,200 more Viet Nam Casualties on The Wall with names, faces, families, and friends.

Until you make this journey, and see the thousands of Viet Nam War Casualties names engraved on The Wall That Heals you will have no comprehension of the sacrifice these brave men and women made for our country.

They Deserve To Be Remembered!

The Order Of The Viet Nam Casualties Names Presented
The Wall That Heals

The Wall that Heals in Altoona, PA The list of Viet Nam War Casualties names begin at the vertex of The Wall below the year of the first Viet Nam War Casualty, and continues to the end of that wing. It resumes at the beginning of the opposite wing, ending at the vertex, above the date of the last death.

This meeting of beginning and ending signifies an epoch in American history.

The Structure Of The Replica

The Wall That Heals in front of the James Van Zandt VA Medical Center Each of the two Walls is approximately 123 feet long. The Walls meet at an angle of 121 degrees and rise to a height of approximately 5 feet at their vertex.

The Viet Nam War Casualties Memorial was constructed by a team of fine craftsmen from Waukegan, Illinois, under the supervision of >B>Lake County Vetz, an organization assisting homeless veterans.

Each of the 58,202 Viet Nam War Casualties names on the The Wall That Heals is laser-etched into panels of reflective black powder-coated heavy aluminum supported by a structural aluminum frame. The panels are attached to a concrete retaining wall and surrounded by beautiful African black granite, top and bottom.

A sophisticated database of names and their precise arrangement on The Wall had to be created in order to engrave the panels. The database was then linked to a giant computer-operate laser system developed solely for the purpose of engraving the Traveling Wall. The system etched image areas of the specific size, requiring remarkably precise calibration across a wide field in order to match partially formed letters and lines.

The Wall That Heals Visitor Center

Photos of the Viet Nam War The The Wall That Heals Viet Nam War Casualties Visitor's Center is located at one end of The Wall. It contains a display of memorabilia left at The Wall in honor and memory of some of the Viet Nam War Casualties, those heroes whose names are listed there.

You will also find in the Visitor's Center a self-serve computer database of all the Viet Nam War Casualties names on The Wall, including information regarding the veteran's casualty and where the name is located on The Wall.

When you gaze through the display case you can't help but notice the many personal items families have donated in memory of their loved one. From as simple a display as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes to a personal letter written home, it all brings this war into a harsh reality.

The next time you are thinking about your vacation plans, even if you are just passing along the highway through Pennsylvania, take a little time to go out of your way and visit Altoona, and take the time to read the names of the Viet Nam War Casualties at Central PA The Wall That Heals. You may be surprised at the healing effect it can have for you and your family.

Visit other beautiful Pennsylvania Museum and Memorials About an hours drive from Altoona is the Flight 93 National Memorial , it's only a temporary memorial at this time, plans are under way to make it one of the most beautiful National Memorials in our county.

Discover the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum, it's only a 10 minute drive from The Wall That Heals! Learn the history behind the Pennsylvania Railroad and the town of Altoona, PA.

Location And Directions To The Viet Nam War Casualties Memorial
The Wall That Heals- Viet Nam War Memorial

The Wall That Heals
1/2 Scale Exact Replica of the
Viet Name Veterans War Memorial Wall
Is located in front of the beautiful front lawn of the
James E. Van Zandt
VA Medical Center
2907 Pleasant Valley Boulevard
Altoona, PA 16602
Phone 814-940-7759
Take the 17th Street Exit Off I-99, turn left at second traffic light

Open Daily Always Free Admission
Experience the power of The Wall That Heals!


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