The Viet Nam War Memorial
The Wall That Heals in Altoona PA

The Wall That Heals, the nickname for The Viet Nam War Memorial, located in Altoona, PA, has helped veterans from WWI to our present War On Terrorism in Iraq. The Wall provides a healing and a powerful connection with their military experience.

In May, 1999, The Wall visited Altoona for four days. During which it was discovered it would be retired to storage following it's visit.

The funds were raised through the community to purchase and install The Wall That Heals permanently on the grounds of the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Entrance sign to visit The Wall-Viet Nam War Memorial Thousands of people each year come to visit, place flowers, and touch, The Wall.

Visit Altoona, PA, take a few moments to honor these brave men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.

While you're in the area, take a few minutes longer and visit the James E. Van Zandt Medical Center and shake the hands of the Veterans and say, Thank You.

A Four-Day Home Coming Celebration

On May 18, 2000, exactly one year from the date of the original visit to Central PA The Viet Nam War Memorial was dedicated during a four-day homecoming celebration.

The Wall That Heals offers a powerful gift to the Allegheny Mountains region. It offers an opportunity for the souls enshrined on the memorial to journey back to the places they called home, to exist amoung friends and family once more, in the comfort and peace of familiar surroundings.

Viet Nam War Memorial-The Wall That Heals

The Wall That Heals also allows families and friends to visit their loved ones without traveling to a big city with worries of accommodations and parking. This beautiful area is private enough to gather your thoughts, memories, and prayers.

Veterans and non-veterans alike find in The Wall That Heals a deeper appreciation of the sacrifice, service, and courage of our nation's veterans.

The Wall That Heals offers the opportunity to draw from the experience lessons for today's life and life in the future.

When standing in front of The Viet Nam War Memorial and seeing the 58,214 names engraved on The Wall, you can't help but reach out and touch it. All your senses want to experience the sense of honor and obligation to keep what our country stands for, freedom.

James Van Zandt VA Hospital behind The Wall That Heals


Location and Directions to The Wall That Heals
Central PA Viet Nam War Memorial

Throughout the Allegheny Mountains communities celebrate Veterans Day. Each area finds their own special way of honoring our beloved veterans.

Take a moment to read a special military poem.

From school children, to parents, to grandparents The Wall That Heals has brought recognition of our veterans sacrifice, service, and courage.

photo of a replica of The Wall in Veterans Day Parade In Altoona, we honor our veterans each year with a parade through the downtown area. This year there was a float decorated in honor of our Viet Nam War Memorial, The Wall That Heals.

You can visit Central PA and The Viet Nam War Memorial anytime, day or night. Admission is free.

It is located in front of the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, 2907 Pleasant Valley Boulevard, Altoona, PA 16602.

If you need directions or information about The Wall That Heals, call 814-940-7759, volunteers are there during the daylight hours.

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