PA State Parks Uniquely Hidden
Through The Allegheny Mountains


View of Glendale Lake at Prince Gallitzin State Park View of Ranstown Lake with motor boat View of Shawnee State Park

PA State Parks are uniquely hidden in the Allegheny Mountains. Drive on top of the mountains or down in the valley, look in any direction, you won't see a State Park.

The Allegheny Mountains are lush with forest and natural wonders. I have lived in these mountains all my life and I am still discovering state parks, waterfalls, and historic places.

If you love the outdoors but concerned about finding a safe family get-away, then PA State Parks is exactly what you need to experience.

Pennsylvania is an outdoor lovers paradise. With 2.1 million acres of state forest land and 117 state parks protected for public use, you will never run out of places to go and beautiful PA camping areas. Our PA State Parks are by far the most popular Pennsylvania attraction.

photo of the view of dock at 7 Points Marina at Raystown Lake Even though Raystown Lake really isn't considered a Pennsylvania State Park it's still listed as one. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers actually own and operate Raystown Lake.

Raystown Lake is also known as the Pennsylvania Jewel and one of Pennsylvania's Best Kept Secrets. The breathtaking views, accommodations and surrounding attractions will keep your family busy and entertained.

PA State Parks are Historical Legends

The Forest Rangers love to gather families at the amphitheaters almost every evening to show movies and educate children about forest safety, wildlife, survival skills, stories and legends of the history of Pennsylvania and the important role PA State Parks played in providing refuge to the Native American Indians.

Fairy boat on Black Mashannion Lake Hike through centuries old forests, challenge whitewater rapids, catch a glimpse of our wild elk herd or sleep under some of the starriest skies on the East Coast.

Experience our Pennsylvania State Forests. You'll find them well suited for camping, swimming, hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, geocaching, sailing, and so much more.

Your family will enjoy vast forests, open fields, and clear streams. Enjoy thousands of miles of roads for hiking, awesome scenic views, flaming fall foliage and picturesque drives.

As I guide you through each PA State Park you will notice there are no two state parks alike. Each park has its own unique attractions and history. One State Park may have a beautiful lake and another my have a simple river or stream running through it.

Some camping areas may have electric hook ups and modern bath fascilities while others may only have the bare necessities or no camping area at all.

My Favorite PA State Parks

  • Enjoy all the unique wonders of Pennsylvania State Park Camping at Bald Eagle State Park.

  • Try a refreshing swim along a sandy beach where the water is black, yet crystal clear and naturally clean. Your family will fall in love with Black Mashannion State Park.
  • Imagine watching thousands of bats fly out on an early evening to enjoy their summer feast. You'll love the experience once you visit Canoe Creek State Park.
  • Another Pennsylvania National Natural Landmark is Cooks Forest, once known as the Black Forest. Here you'll see sights like "The Forest Cathedral".

  • Spend your vacation at Kinzue Bridge State Park it's a National Engineering Landmark, see the destruction of a F1 tornado.

  • Have you ever taken a covered wagon through mountain trails while seeing the most spectacular view in Pennsylvania? You can do this and so much more when you visit the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Do you know it's a National Natural Landmark?
  • Spend a week camping at one of the most beautiful PA State Parks and catch up on some interesting history at Prince Gallitzin State Park. Then take a short drive from the park and see where Father Gallitzin built his Catholic colony.
  • Visit one of Pennsylvania's Best Kept Secrets at Raystown Lake .
  • Imagine your family enjoying a bike ride through beautiful biking trail with miles of lake shoreline. Your evenings could be spent sitting around an old Shawnee Indian Refuge when you visit Shawnee State Park.
  • Have you ever had the experience of walking across a suspended bridge , while watching the river flow beneath your feet? See the huge balanced rock and the beautiful Rainbow Falls. You can do all this and so much more when you visitTrough Creek State Park.

No matter what type of PA State Park you are looking, from a lazy quiet day of fishing along a mountain stream to motor boats and water skiing, you'll find a state park just the right size to meet your family needs.

Enjoy The Journey

From breathtaking views to horses grazing in pastures, the journey will relax you and bring you a step back in time when life was a journey of adventures everyday. You will run into Pennsylvania attractions in the small communities along the way you didn't even know existed. Slow down and meet some of the friendlist people in the U.S., enjoy the simple life, interact in the festivals and roadside attractions.

Pennsylvania Forests and PA State Parks are a hunting and fishing paradise. With 1.7 million hungry trout, along with small mouth bass, large mouth bass, rock bass, and muskies, just to name a few. It is no wonder many of our U.S. Presidents come to PA for their outdoor sports.

horse grazing in a meadow on the road to Canoe Creek State Park

Maybe you would love the idea of renting a pontoon boat and float along a beautiful lake all day, maybe do a little fishing while your at it. If that sounds a little too relaxed for you taste, try renting a motor boat and go water skiing, or enjoy peddling around the lake on a paddle boat. Maybe drifting along on a riverboat with a cold drink and music is more your style. It's all here, you just need to know where to find it.

You can enjoy it all, with a little exploring and imagination. The history alone is worth exploring the Allegheny Mountains PA State Parks.

Rental cabins in PA State Parks If you're not the type to go camping you can still enjoy all the attractions at the PA State Parks and stay in the many local motels and hotels.

Mountain cabins are available to rent for a weekend or a weeks stay? You'll find beautiful cabins in many of our state parks, and the rental price is so reasonable you may decide to leave your camper behind.

There Is Still Lots To Explore

camping site in PA State Parks Although I haven't had the opportunity to camp at all of the PA State Parks, I have enjoyed family picnics and lazy summer days at many of them.

I hope to keep exploring the mountains to find more state parks, attractions, and learn more history, while expanding this website.

Most important I will list the location and directions. Along with any family attractions nearby.

Keep checking back often for updates and new listings.

If you would like to keep track of my new listings, just click on my RSS feed.


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