Camping in PA Grand Canyon
National Natural Landmark

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Go wild this year! Camping in PA Grand Canyon, also known as Pine Creek Gorge, is one of the wildest scenic places in America. Often described as the "Crown Jewel Of Pennsylvania," with vast wilderness landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

In 1968 the federal government designated the Canyon as a National Natural Landmark.

Two PA State Parks straddle the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania:

  • Leonard Harrison State Park (East Rim) the busier and more developed of the two State Parks, sits high on the East Rim. Offers a visitors center and environmental programs, modern camping areas with electric hookups.
  • Colton Point State Park (West Rim) offers picnicking and primitive camping.

Both of these PA State Parks have hiking and biking trails with beautiful waterfalls along the way to the bottom of the canyon. Most people believe that once they stay at either State Park they have seen the canyon but actually they only see a very small portion glimpse of the PA Grand Canyon. There are so many more unique things to see and do that unless you actually take the tour through the Canyon you miss much of its unique natural beauty.

photo of a horse drawn wagon train full of sightseers touring the PA Grand Canyon photo of horse drawn wagon and bikes on path to view the PA Grand Canyon photo of 3 wheel rental bike available to tour the PA Grand Canyon

Touring the PA Grand Canyon

The hardest part of touring the beautiful scenic Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is deciding which way is best suited for you! You can choose from:

  • Hiking: There are several hiking trails to choose from, some are steep and rugged while other are worse. Some trails are known as, "The Best Hike in Pennsylvania" by hiking enthusiasts. One hiking trail will lead to views of the valley that held the glacier Ice Age lake. Various business's in the area offer guided hiking tours.
  • Backpacking: The West Rim trail is a 30.5 mile trail that offers trailguides. There are many other trails to choose from depending on your physical condition and length of time you want to devote to backpacking all offer Guided Trails.
  • Bicycling The Pine Creek Trail is 52 miles long and runs the length of the canyon. Most of the trail is an easy flat trail suitable for any type of bike. Known as one of the "Top 10 Bike Ride", the ride actually takes about 3 hours, give or take depending on how much stopping and sightseeing you do. You can rent a bike on one end and take a shuttle back if you get tired. It's an easy ride for just about anybody that enjoy riding a bike.
  • Horse-drawn Wagon Rides: During the summer months you can tour the 9 mile equestrian trailat the PA Grand Canyon by a horse-drawn wagon. This is a unique way to enjoy the canyon at a pace experienced by frontiers.
  • Cross Country Skiing Winter enthusiasts can see the canyon while cross country skiing.
  • Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking: These unique ways to see the canyon is only offered during the spring months (from mid-March to early June). You can also get a guided rafting tour.
  • Birding Get a rare glimpse of the American Bald Eagle and the American Common Mergansers nesting. See an Old Turkey Buzzard flying overhead while getting pictures of just about any bird species you may be looking for. The Audubon Society recognizes the PA Grand Canyon as an "Important Birding Area."

photo of Pine Creek view of PA Grand Canyon photo of a waterfall along a trail at the PA Grand Canyon photo of view of Pine Creek forest at PA Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania
Also Known as Pine Creek Gorge

The largely undeveloped and natural Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is located in Tioga State Forest.

Pine Creek Gorge is a product of the Ice Age. Pine Creek flowed northeasterly until 20,000 years ago. The Continental Glacier caused the creek to dam by rock, soil, and other debris. The dammed creek formed a lake near the present town of Ansonia. The glaciers melted water that filled the lake overflowed the debris and caused a reversal in the flow that is now Pine Creek.

Pine Creek Gorge was a major route of travel for the American Indians. They hiked up and down the gorge for thousands of years to their hunting camp in the area now known as the town of Ansonia.

The PA Grand Canyon is located in Tioga County, near the town of Wellsboro, PA on Route 6.

The Pine Creek Gorge is situated in approximately 160,000 acres in Tiago Forest. The maximum depth of the canyon is 1,450 feet near the southern end.

Camping in PA Grand Canyon and around can be from rustic to modern facilities. You can choose from several PA State Parks or Privately owned Camping Parks. You'll find a wide range of cabins, hotels, motels and bed and breakfast in the area. There's a wide variety of quaint shops and restaurants. Whatever type of vacation you'll longing for you'll enjoy when you visit the PA Grand Canyon.


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