Strange and Unique Attractions
Trough Creek State Park

Trough Creek State Park is one of the smallest and most rustic of PA State Parks , yet it is one of the most interesting.

Enjoy a very small and uniquely charming State Park Camping area, complete with Rustic Outhouses, Fire Rings, and Electric Hookups.

Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park

If your family loves to explore through rugged hiking trails and enjoys finding unexpected surprises along the many rustic paths, then this is the PA State Park for your family to expect the unexpected!

The bad news is;
What you won't find at Trough Creek State Park are Sandy Beaches, a beautiful Lake, Boat Launches, Modern Restroom, Campstores, or even a Snack Bar.

The good news is;
What you will find are Unique Attractions that your family will love exploring, rugged Hiking Trails, 32 Camping Sites with electricity, and a beautiful Stone Mansion, available to rent year round.

Trough Creek State Park Falls view from the top

This Stone Mansion was built by an Iron Master back in the early 1800s. The history of the Allegheny Furnace and its Iron Masters Mansion is worth exploring.

The 554-Acre Park is a Scenic Gorge created by Great Trough Creek, cutting through Terrace Mountain, emptying into Lake Raystown.

The Great Trough Creek is well known for being well stocked with a variety of fish. It's been a well kept secret fishing area through the Allegheny Mountains.

Surprises Are Hidden
Throughout Trough Creek State Park

PA State Park Trough Creek

Trough Creek State Park Cottage was built back in the 1800s. It was built for a wealthy Ironmaster. It has been completely renovated with a modern kitchen and bath, 4 bedrooms, and central heat. It can be rented year round. The lodge has spacious porches, yard area, and sits atop a hill overlooking Paradise Furnace.

Balanced Rock is one of the strangest and surprising attractions I have ever witnessed at a PA State Park. It is actually a huge rock that is balanced at the edge of a Pennsylvania Mountain ledge. The only way to get up to the ledge is to follow the steps cut out of the side of the mountain. Just climbing the steps are spooky for me. But once you visit the top you'll be amazed at the view.

photo of Balanced Rock at Trough Creek State Park At the foot of the ledge that Balanced Rock sits on is Rainbow Falls. It's a beautiful little waterfall. Depending on what time of year and what time of day you get there is what determines if you see a rainbow. There are large rocks behind the Falls that children and adults alike love to climb through.

Leading to Rainbow Falls and Balanced Rock is a Suspension Bridge that connects each side of the Great Trough Creek that flows between the sites. Not only does the bridge sway back and forth, with each step the bridge planks move in waves that bounce you up and down. The bridge takes some practice to get across but it's a lot of fun.

On the opposite side of the Great Trough Creek is where you will find the picnic areas and the Ice Mines. Visit here on a hot summer day and the Ice Mines are a tough area to leave. Especially in early summer before the Ice Mines have fully thawed.

There are so many wonders along the hiking trails throughout this PA State Park, you should really plan to stay there at least for the day. It's a really unique area to take a picnic and just kick back and relax. Once you start finding your way around and visit the many surprising attractions you'll want to make a habit of visiting over and over.

Location Directions And Nearby Attractions

Suspension bridge at Trough Creek State Park Trough Creek State Park isn't as easy to find as you might think. It is located on Rt. 994, 16 miles South from Huntingdon.

It is much easier to find Raystown Lake, Seven Points Marina. Once you find the road to the Marina, don't turn into it, just stay on that road and keep driving until you see a small PA State Park sign that reads, Trough Creek State Park. Turn left there and follow the signs.

On that same road if you turn right the road will lead to the historic Allegheny Furnace. It is well worth spending some time there to learn some really good history trivia from that area.

Again, don't forget Raystown Lake. It is a huge beautiful Lake that offers many attractions. Anytime my family visits Trough Creek State Park we always stop at the Seven Points Marina Restaurant and enjoy a meal.


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