Haunted Mishler Theatre
12 Year Old Tells Her Ghostly Tale

The Mishler Theatre is well known through Pennsylvania for not only being a beautiful building with first class live entertainment but also for it's ghostly tales. There have been many testimonies of the hauntings at this historic theater yet none as credible as the testimony of a local 12 year old girl.

At the age of 2 years old a girl befriended a ghostly man at the haunted Pennsylvania's Historic Mishler Theatre. The girl is now 12 years old and recalls fun times with a man in funny hats.

Madeleine Letsche of Altoona would accompany her mother, Laura, to the Altoona, PA Historic Theatre. Her mother used to set up the lighting and sound equipment for the theater productions. Maddie was free to roam around the theater and explore the many nooks and cranny's at the haunted theater. Maddie told of many ghostly tales of enjoying time with Isaac Mishler.

Maddie recalls befriending a very nice man that wore funny hats. One time he would show up in a floppy hat and the next time he might be wearing a tall black hat. He would talk to her about the theater, and tell her how pretty she was. They would go for walks around the theater and he would tell her of his love for the theater and the many productions there.

The man she described was Isaac Mishler, founder of the Altoona Historic Mishler Theatre. Isaac has been dead since 1944 (about 50 years ago). It seems Isaac loved his theater so much he decided not to leave after his death.

Isaac has been seen in various parts of the theater over the years. This famous Pennsylvania ghost has been reported being seen by many of the stage crew, actors, office workers and visitors. Many report being alone in the theater and smelling a faint smell of cigar smoke. They have even reported seeing smoke raise up from one of the seats in the audience, yet no one was in the area. Isaac Mishler's cigar smoking was one of his character trade marks.

Historic Mishler Theater, Altoona, PA

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The Mishler Theatre has Reported
Many Haunting Experiences

The Historic Mishler Theatre is now owned by the Blair County Arts Foundation. Many associated with the theater have had ghostly experiences.

Read the history of the famous Altoona PA Mishler Theatre and how it celebrated its 100th Anniversary!

Technical director Brian McConnell of Altoona will not be in the theatre alone unless a door is propped open. He has had too many paranormal experiences in the old theater.

Mishler Theatre balcony with ghostly energy orb The first experience McConnell had was when he was working on the stage of the theater and looked up to the second floor balcony near the projection booth and saw Isaac Mishler himself looking down at him, he seemed to enjoy watching him work.

Another time, during a show, McConnell was running the lights and suddenly got hit in the face with water. There were no water pipes near him or any other people. He has said he is one of the few people associated with the theater that is afraid of these Pennsylvania ghosts.

Mishler Theatre's former technical director and current volunteer, Marlene Liszka of Altoona, has had her own haunting experiences.

A few years ago Ms. Liszka walked into the women's restroom and found a woman dressed in a 1930s dress, she was just standing there, then the woman suddenly disappeared. She has also heard toilets flushing and faucets turning on and off when no one was in the restroom.

Again Marlene, was in the haunted Pennsylvania Theater restroom and heard someone sneezing, yet no one was there with her.

Another time Marlene was standing on the stage and saw a man across the stage from her looking at a phone book. This time it wasn't Isaac Mishler, the man just suddenly disappeared.

Many ghostly spirits have been reported seen in the women's restroom at this Historic Theater. A slow shutter speed camera was set up there. It's reported that there are many documented pictures with images of ghosts dressed in clothing from the early 1900s and in costumes from that era.

Whatever you do, don't let the legends keep you from visiting the beautiful historic Mishler Theatre. You'll experience shows as good as NYC. Best of all, you couldn't go to NYC and have the possibility of sitting next to a kind man wearing a funny hat.


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