The Historic Lincoln House
The Best Little Haunted PA Brothel

The Historic Hotel Lincoln in Bedford County front view of haunted PA brothel The Historic Hotel Lincoln in Bedoford County view of window and Lincoln Highway sign famous for its haunted PA brothel The Historic Hotel Lincoln in Bedford County back view famous for it's haunted PA brothel

The BBC visits Bedford County to update the world famous story of the Haunted PA Brothel and bar located in Manns Choice, PA. Built in 1777 this famous brothel is haunted by the real ghosts especially the ghost of the most popular brothel girl.

The Hotel Lincoln was also known as "The Best Little Brothel House In Pennsylvania. This famous building still stands today but is now an antique shop. The owners and customers of this antique shop have seen ghosts many times.

Of course I had to change the title of this famous house in order to keep this a family site. I'm sure you figure out the actual name.

This isn't the only spirit that haunts this historic site. A lot of the legends are documented and there are still plenty of witnesses living in the Bedford County area. Even neighbors in the area will tell of strange happenings that occur on a regular basis.

Three beautiful women from the 1700s era

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The Historic Hotel Lincoln
Sits High Atop the Historic Lincoln Highway

The beautiful PA Lincoln Highway is one of the most scenic routes through the Allegheny Mountains. There are many historic legends along the winding roads and small communities, but none as famous as the historic Hotel Lincoln and it's Haunted PA Brothel.

The Hotel Lincoln site at the top of Tull's Hill in Manns Choice, PA. The hill was named after the Tull family. The Tull family lived in this area back in 1777, when this area was nothing more than a frontier. The history about this area tells of 12 members of the Tull family being massacred.

Many visitors to the newly remodeled antique shop have complained of feeling uncomfortable when viewing antiques on the second floor, especially women.

Many of the women customers have tried going up the stairs and had to turn around immediately and come down. They complained of feeling an uneasy presence that scared them.

The History of The Hotel Lincoln's
Haunted Pennsylvania Brothel

This ghostly tale is an excerpt of a book titled:
"The Pennsylvania Ghost Guide, Vol 1"
by Patty Wilson
Pennsylvania Writer and Paranormal Investigator

As the legend goes the Hotel Lincoln had a popular bar on the first floor and an extremely popular brothel on the second and third floors.

The second floor brothel was higher scale than the third and these women had their own private rooms. The third floor was set up more like a clinic, with the beds lined up side by side with only a curtain draped between the beds.

One of the women from the second floor was murdered by her enraged husband when he found out she was having an affair in her private room with a man she supposedly cared about and wasn't charging for her favors.

Rumor says her husband went into a rage when he found out she wasn't making any money that night. In his fit of anger he kicked open the door and shot his wife's lover. His wife ran from the room and into another room and hid in the closet. He quickly found her and stabbed her several times before hanging her body on the closet door.

This famous Haunted PA Brothel ghost is known to haunt the now Antique Shop. The owners have seen her reflection in the antique mirror located on the second floor, her reflection has been seen peeking around the door she was hung on.

One day the antique dealer was working hard at restoring the old building and a man, that looked to be in his 40s, suddenly appeared and introduced himself as the man that use to be the cook back in the 1930s. He told of different stories attached to the old building. As the antique dealer worked the man suddenly disappeared as quickly as he appeared. When he told the story of this cook talking to him he suddenly realized the man couldn't have possibly been in his 40s. If he was the cook in the 1930s he would be in his 80s. Besides, he found in the records, this cook had died many years ago. Which was enough proof that this Haunted PA Brothel was not only haunted by ghostly women but also ghostly men.

The BBC's Documentary

The BBC has taken an interest in the old historic Hotel Lincoln and its Haunted PA Brothel for many years now. They come back to Bedford County every couple of years to update their documentary. It has quickly become known worldwide a haunted Pennsylvania attraction.

They have always shown a special interest in the old mirror that hangs on closet door on the second floor bedroom. The closet door the brothel girl was hung on after being murdered by her husband. This old mirror is said to hold the spirit of this ghostly creature. There have been many ghostly sightings in the mirror of this woman. The mirror has been stored at the haunted PA antique shop.

Even an Italian crew from Italy showed up to do their own documentary on the area and Hotel Lincoln. They took a special interest in the old kerosene cupboard and the old antique Engine #49.

The cupboard at the Haunted PA Brothel is known to have weird sounds coming from it every evening. Like two tree limbs rubbing together in a windstorm. The antique owners have a cat that freaks out anytime it gets near that cupboard.

While working, the Italian crew dropped their equipment and ran from the building after hearing the sudden crashes coming from the cupboard.

The old Engine #49 is also known as the Ghost Train. When the engine was restored back in the late 1940s the immigrant workers refused to work on it. They insisted that when they fired up the old coal steamer they could smell flesh burning. This could be from the fact that the engineer had a terrible accident in 1947 and burned to death.

The old Engine #49 is parked behind the historic Hotel Lincoln. The neighbors insist that many evenings they will hear the old steam whistle blowing around 8PM and the old bell clanging. Yet, there is nobody near the old engine. And besides, without the steam how would the whistle blow?

The stories are endless and so are the ghostly haunts. There are many more ghostly stories about this area and the Hotel Lincoln and its famous Haunted PA Brothel. Maybe someday I'll get back to writing about the rest.

Read the rest of the stories in Haunted PA there are many more historic fascinating stories.

If you enjoyed the story of the Hotel Lincoln and it's Haunted PA Brothel, I'm sure you would enjoy reading about the Jean Bonnet Tavern , it's also located in Bedford County, just a hop, skip, and jump from Manns Choice.


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