Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park
A National Historic Landmark

photo of a sign pointing to Kennywood Park photo of a PA historical marker declaring Kennywood Park a National Historic Landmark photo of a kings head sculptured on the top of Kennywood Park's carousel

Kennywood Park is one of the oldest Pennsylvania Amusement Parks and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It's also a sister park to Sandcastle Waterpark and Idlewild Park .

Kennywood Park was founded in 1898 as a small trolley park and controlled by Andrew Mellon. It's one of the few trolley parks left in not only Pennsylvania but also in the United States. This small trolley park was able to survive The Great Depression and two World Wars and still considered to be one of America's "Finest Traditional Amusement Parks." In fact that's Kennywood's theme this year!

Kennywood Amusement Park has the finest collection of old wooden roller coasters and new, faster steel roller coasters, this makes this Pennsylvania Amusement Park a favorite park for roller coaster connoisseurs.

Pittsburgh is celebrating its 250th birthday in 2008 and the entire city is packed full of events with parades and surprises! Kennywood is joining in the birthday celebration and promises to be one of the most memorable seasons ever.

Pittsburgh and Kennywood are so connected that Pittisburghers have a saying when they notice someone forgot to zip-up. They simply announce Kennywood's open!

photo of a ride at Kennywood Park photo of a water ride at Kennywood Park photo of antique race cars at Kennywood Park

Kennywood Park 1990s Slogan
Roller Coaster Capital of the World!

It's no wonder Kennywood's slogan in the 90s was the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, with 3 old wooden roller coasters that are still in operation, an indoor roller coaster and the new steel roller coaster.

Of course they have a wide variety of family rides, 31 in all, and 13 Kiddie rides in Kiddieland. Some of the kiddie rides are tough enough for parents to ride too! They even have a little roller coaster called, Lil Phantom. Leave it to Kennywood Park to make sure the little ones don't feel left out of the exciting rides.

One of the most unique rides at this Pennsylvania Amusement Park is a ride called "Noah's Ark". Besides being unique it also has a strange history. Apparently, the rides opening year was 1936 which happened to be the same year of the famous St. Patrick's Day Flood in Johnstown, PA. The only other ride like this in the world is located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Kennywood Park's Merry-Go-Round was built in 1926 and was completely refurbished in 2005, it is also listed as a National Landmark.

They even have an area called "Lost Kennywood". It resembles the rides and customs of the old Kennywood Park. They built this area in an old parking lot. For many of the locals and baby boomers it's one of their favorite sections in the park. It's like taking a step back in time when rides were simple and dangerous, of course the rides are all safe now and kept up to par on a daily basis.

photo of the creepy phantom at Kennywood Park photo of Phantom's Revenge ride at Kennywood Park photo of the sign for the Phantom's Revenge ride

Kennywood Park
Rich History of Dark Rides!

For the seventh year in a row the Darkside and Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE) has voted Kennywood their favorite Dark Ride Park.

Kennywood has a new darkride to entice these enthusiasts to return year after year, it's called "Ghostwood Estate" along with the Lord of the Estate, Kenneth Ghostwood. He can't wait to invite you to blast those evil spirits out of Ghostwood. But you're goona have to trust him since you're provided buggy's with no tracks or steering wheels.

Of course the big hit at Kenny Park and the dark rides is the Phantom's Revenge. It's actually the faster roller coaster in the world! It travels 85 mph and has a 230-foot drop on the second drop not the first. This catches many of the riders off guard.

Talk about the darkside, how about riding a high-speed roller coaster in the dark? It's called The Terminator! The rider becomes the rat and travels through underground utilities and sewers to escape the enemy. On the Terminator you not only travel through the dark at high speeds you're also twisting and turning through every drop and turn never knowing where you're going or where you'll end up.

All the rides are so exciting at Kennywood, just spend on day and you'll build enough family memories to last a lifetime.

photo of a clown waving at Kennywood Park photo of a high wire act with a man on fire at Kennywood Park photo of a juggler on stilts at Kennywood Park

Kennywood Park's Lighter Side

You'll alwasy find exciting family shows like a live Lumberjack Show, high wire fire acts, parades, fireworks, entertainers and costume characters like Garfield, Odie and their mascot Kenny Kangaroo roams through the park to pose for pictures and just make your visit feel extra special. You just never know what kind of surprises you'll find while roaming through the park. Plus you can enjoy 40 games, 7 gift shops and 2 arcades.

Also in 2008 Kenny Kangaroo is going to invite guests to set in the directors chair and enter the Kennywood Film Festival! All this while Kennywood Park is the backdrop to a film being made called "Adventure Land". Watch for its release in August of 2008.

This Pennsylvania Amusement Park is one of the few parks that still allow its guests to bring their own picnics. Of course you can still buy plenty of great food right there at the park. You can't go to Kennywood without stopping at the Potato Patch, it's famous for its fresh cut French fried potatoes and you get a choice of 8 toppings!

You can always depend on various nationality events and seasonal special occasions, especially during the holidays.

With so much to see and do in the Pittsburg area, especially during their 150th birthday celebration, make plans to spend at least a weekend in the area.

Directions - Schedule - Prices


Kennywood is located on Rt. 837 in West Mifflin, PA just minutes from (about 12 miles southeast of) the downtown Pittsburgh area. Take your most convenient route to Interstate 376 (which runs from downtown Pittsburgh to Monroeville, PA at exit 57 of the PA Turnpike) and then take the Swissvale Exit (No. 7). From this exit, follow the Kennywood arrows south on Braddock Avenue until you cross the Monongahela river and turn left at the far end of the bridge (you will now be on Rt. 837). Kennywood will be 1.5 miles ahead with the parking lot on your right.

Prices PRICES: Regular FunDay admission is $32.00/person.
Junior Funday (under 46" tall) is $19.00/person.
Senior (55+) FunDay is $15.00.
Night Rider is $17.00-daily after 5 pm.

4800 Kennywood Boulevard
West Mifflin, PA 15122



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