A Old Story

by edwin brumbaugh
(vian, ok, usa)

I used to live in the area . I was there when the dam went in. Before that there was a old story of a circus that came into town one day. The circus was held in Saxton. In that circus was a giant snake, some say it was a anaconda. Well it escaped one night into the mountains. It has not been seen since. But a story was in the local papers of two hunters were hunting near the river at the time. They said they saw some rocks move and out came a huge snake said to be at least fifteen feet long and as thick as a log. With a mouth big enough to swallow a man. The snake escaped into the river. the men never went hunting in that part of the mountains again.

Then in the eightys a truck load of men was going down a mountain road near the river. A huge snake crossed the road as thick as a log and it covered both sides of the road. Then sometime after that I was with my father and we were coming down a road in the mountain and we saw a huge snake that was crossing the road, I hit the gas and it felt like I ran over a small tree branch. We stopped to look and the snake kept going across the road.

There are also some huge eel that live in the lake I caught one one evening fishing and it measured at least 8 ft. We let it go back into the lake. It has scales and it looks like it has humps sticking out of the water. But it also sticks its head out of the water and it looks like it has a neck. Maybe this is one explanation. But the huge snake story has lasted for years.

Since I was a kid my dad even told me about it, saying that one night some of his friends and him was in a truck and ran over a huge snakee and became stuck on it. It was so mad that it busted out the window of the truck and tryed to attack them. They beat it back with a tire iron they had laying on the floor. So you see the creature has been in the mountains for years. And anacondas love the water and grow in excess of fifteen feet. Maybe this is Ray or it is the decendent of the snake .

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Aug 19, 2010
Very Intriguing Story
by: Patricia

Hi Edwin,

Thank you so much for taking an interest in Raystown Ray and taking the time to tell us the old intriguing story from your home town. Old tales like these are so hard to find. Who knows you just may be right as to where Raystown Ray came from.

Thanks for visiting my website and joining in the discussion of Raystown Ray. Goodness, you're a long way from home, do you come back to the area for visits?


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