The Lochness Monster of Martinsburg

by Matthew Bockhouse
(New Kensington PA)


I grew up on and around Raystown. To answer spotlight's question...Yes the water is so cloudy that divers were often frightened by VERY large fish that they could not see until they were right on top of. Not catfish though...coelacanth....LOL!!! I am just kidding it's Muskies and Northern Pikes that were normally the cause of the frightening...and yes some are up to 5 ft long....pulled a 42" one out myself some years to Ray....I have camped on the islands of Raystown and been from Shy Beaver to 7 Points Marina a multitude of times and NEVER saw Ray. Not to say he doesn't exist...although i am with the whole how does a sea creature get into something built by the ACOE but stranger things and all that muck...

Cool though if we could get Josh Gates out there to "solve the mystery" as it were...and to the person that said leave raystown alone don't go there...REALLY? do you know how much tourist revenue that will bring?

Sometimes i don't think that people exercise too much logical...that lake is GI-Nourmous and will not crowd easily...

Thinking like that is why I have lived in Pittsburgh for the last 16 years...

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Apr 07, 2011
Raystown Ray & Tourism
by: Patricia

Hi Matthew,

I totally agree with you. We never know what can and can't exist. If we draw enough interest and tourism what on earth can that hurt? Raystown Lake is big enough for all of us to enjoy and with eye witnesses that swear they've seen ol' Ray, then I think we should all keep an open mind and wait to see what the future will bring. I'm still waiting to hear any recent reports. For some reason things got hushed up all of a sudden.


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