by Laurie Stauffer
(waynesboro Pa. US)

What about the stories of there being a town under the water? And a story about divers going down to search around and frightened by large human size catfish? Ray is new to me, are all these things being seen and reported just a way to keep Raystown in the spot light? ....It is exciting though to hear the stories, it kind of gives one the imagination of thrill and what if.

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Apr 19, 2016
Response to Town Question
by: Anonymous

I imagine Laurie is talking about Aitch, which was originally named Grantsville according to an 1873 Atlas, and the other surrounding towns that were demolished, removed, or relocated by the Army Corps of Engineers when a new dam was constructed in the late 60s. From my research, while there are likely some remnants of the towns under the water, there probably isn't much. Most of the archaeological evidence that remains is above ground. There is also an Aitch Recreation Area of Raystown Lake and the original electric station near the location of the new dam.

Oct 05, 2010
New Stories
by: Patricia

Hi Laurie,

This is the first time I've heard about a town under water. Where did you hear about that? Is it supposed to be in Raystown Lake?

I still haven't heard about the divers and what they actually found out at Raystown.

Thank for joining in,


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