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The beautiful Monongahela Forrest Waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains unique view of the Allegheny Mountains


Many Pennsylvania Attractions are hidden deep in the Pennsylvania Mountains. Some attractions are actually referred to as Pennsylvania's best kept secrets. Once you travel down the many side roads into the Alleghenies you will see why most tourists never find these places.

I grew up in the Pennsylvania Mountains and have always enjoyed exploring the many mountain side roads and discovering unique Pennsylvania Attractions that only the local people know about. Over the years I have shared them with my family and friends and now I'm sharing them with you.

You will discover many Pennsylvania Attractions hidden deep in the forest high atop a mountain, while other attractions are located in valleys within communities celebrating annual events that can very easily get you sidetracked. No matter what Pennsylvania Attraction your family decides to explore you will quickly step back in time when life was simple and full of surprises.

Most of the attractions I recommend are either free or very inexpensive. Every Pennsylvania Attraction has an interesting history, many have grown into legends that have been passed down through generations.

On this website you will not only be guided through the Pennsylvania Mountains and the many attractions, you'll also learn the history of that attraction and why you should be interested in visiting it. You'll see pictures, directions, prices, when to visit and who to contact for more information.

Keep in mind, we enjoy four beautiful seasons in this region. So, no matter what time of year you plan on visiting Pennsylvania you will always discover an abundance of attractions and annual events, their locations, beautiful scenery, historical events, and mysterious legends.

Here are a few of the unique Pennsylvania Attractions you'll enjoy exploring within this website:

  • Discover our many Heritage Routes, scenic views and roadside attractions on the Historic PA Lincoln Highway .
  • Deep in the Allegheny Forest you'll find a small memorial of the Lost Children of the Alleghenies, read the history behind this tragic event.
  • Take a ride on the Worlds Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster, it's like taking a ride on an old couch!
  • Camp, Hike, Swim, or go Boating at a PA State Park named after a Catholic Priest that will soon be a Saint! Prince Gallitzin State Park is my family's favorite place to camp.
  • Travel through the Allegheny Mountains and visit Mount Assisi , see the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.
  • We have four beautiful seasons full of Seasonal Festivals and Annual Events! How would you like to attend a stinking PA Festival? The Pococo Garlic Festival is loaded with great food that's loaded with garlic!
  • Learn the history behind the Haunted Jean Bonnet Tavern. Learn the historic connection between the Shawnee Indians, Shawnee State Park and the Jean Bonnet Tavern.
  • How would you like to get full service at a service station these day? How about getting this full service at The Oldest Gasoline Station in the United States?
  • Take a scenic ride into the Allegheny Mounntains and tour Frank Lloyd Wrights "Falling Water". What a view, what a home! It's his most famous work.

You can experience all this and so much more when you explore the Pennsylvania Mountains. Just click on the links above or to your left and discover why I'm so excited to share all this with you.


My goal is to show the world that Pennsylvania is not just about The Declaration of Independence, The Liberty Bell or Gettysburg. Even though these are wonderful attractions there is so much more involved in the historical events that has formed the unique history of Pennsylvania. That history can only be found in the Pennsylvania Mountains and the many Pennsylvania Attractions. When you visit these attractions you will not only be entertained, you will also enjoy an historic event that helped Pennsylvania be nicknamed The Keystone State.

Be prepared to fall in love with the Pennsylvania Colony and abundance of Pennsylvania Wildlife. Spend your vacation discovering miles of mountain roads and lush forests. You will soon see why the new Central Pennsylvania slogan is;


Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater View from top of Altoona's world famous Horsehoe Curve View of Canoe Creek Lake


The Pennsylvania Mountains are full of Small Cities and Townships with their own unique way of celebrating their Heritage, History, and Love for the Pennsylvania Mountains.

While exploring the region you will find Pennsylvania Attractions your family will want to visit again and again. I have provided many inside stories and interesting history for each Pennsylvania Attraction. I'm always updating to keep annual events current.

Allow me to expose you to a birds eye view of the The Pennsylvania Mountains for a convenient, interesting and affordable family adventure.

I realize your time is limited. Therefore, I have listed a large assortment of attractions to choose from.

As you can see, the variety of Pennsylvania Attractions are endless. I feel sure you will find something worth investing your vacation or weekends exploring Pennsylvania.

I sincerely hope something I have provided entices you to visit the Pennsylvania Mountains and the many Unique Historic Pennsylvania Attractions.

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