Young Girl in Red Dress at Camp Hill, PA Movie Theatr

by Pam Knicely
(Camp Hill, PA)

After seeing a comedy movie at the Camp Hill Digiplex, I decided to go to the ladies room. Upon exiting the stahl, the last person in the ladies room had left, so I was in there all alone. I proceeded to wash my hands. In my peripheral vision, I noticed a little girl in a bright red dress with a white pattern on the front standing behind me in the mirror, so I inched closer to the sink to give her room to get by. It was just seconds that I reached for a towel to dry my hands when I noticed the little girl was gone. I looked under the stahls and didn't see any feet and even went as far as to open a couple of stahl doors that were behind me, but she had vanished. I had asked my husband, who had been standing at the restroom door waiting on me, if he had seen a little girl with a red dress exit the restroom to which he replied no children had come out the door. I am 100% certain I wasn't seeing things. I would really like to hear from anyone that has had the same experience as me so I have someone else that can validate what I saw. I really wish I had concentrated more on the little girl to see exactly what she looked like, but I thought it was just another child.

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Camp Hill Movie Theater
by: Patricia

Hi Pam,

I know when you see something like the little girl in the red dress you can't help but wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. I do know that movie theaters seem to have a lot of active sightings that's hard to explain. The Mishler Theater in Altoona, PA has had a lot of sightings there too, especially in the ladies room.

I hope someone in your area has had the same experience and reads your testimony, it would be so nice to compare notes.


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