Wopsy Mountain Mystery

by Jason Baker
(Altoona PA)

I have lived on and traveled through the Wopsy Mountain for 49 years and my grandparents long before that. My grandparents told me about the original tale in which is now the White lady of Wopsy.

The couple that were married were traveling on a horse and buggy across Wopsy Mountain Road towards Route 53 which passes the 108 game lands. There is a little crick before you get to the game land gate which is called Tub Run that flows east through the Pancake Flates and Greenspring area's. The horse and buggy over turned because of a rattle snake that spooked the horse. The lady which was wearing her wedding dress hit her head and could not move. Her new husband went for help and when arriving back at the accident, she had passed away. Her husband took the bunch of flowers which she was holding and planted them across the crick. Till years ago when the Game Commission put a few beavers in the area to build a dam, the field of lillies were then gone. The field of lillies was about 10' sqaure that my grandfather and I could see as we fished through the mountain for brook trout.

Sightings of the White Lady can be possible, but, you need to remember what the Indian word Wopsy mean's, and that is the way the winds blow. On foggy night's the fog can twirl and make all different kind's of forms.

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Eerie Sighting
by: DLD

I grew up on Wopsy and one night I saw her not far from the "S Curve". I thought it was an animal at first until I got a little closer and realized it seemed to be hovering near the trees. It really scared me so I turned around & ran back down the road. It was a few days before I could bring myself to take another walk up that road!!!

Fatal Accident
by: The White Lady

I stayed on Wopsy Mountain...I couldn't bring myself to leave. I searched for my beloved pioneer husband and found him by the stream, I looked again and found him near the bear den and again where the deer travel. As long as he remains on this mountain I will stay and be at peace. No need to fear me or my husband. We were the original settlers.

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