William's Footsteps


Our family was on a short vacation to Gettysburg about 2 years ago and on the seconed night it had called for clear skies and warm weather. We had decided to take the walking ghost tour of the Jenny Wade house. The tour had brought us over the cemetary and had told stories of ghost soilders and how to provoke them. When finally we made it back to the Wade house. The tour ended in the basement where a replica of Jenny's body lay in a casket. The tour guide had said that there was a boy named William. He said he liked to make the chains around the casket move and play tricks on the tourists, and not a minute later the chains began to sway left and right and continued throughout the basement portion of the tour. Although not long after footsteps had began upstairs, and there were no other tours for the rest of the night. After the tour, a man noticed a figure in a picture he had taken on his digital camera, some say it was Jenny, some say a soilder, but I say it was William.

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thankyou patricia
by: Anonymous

Thankyou Patricia you have given both of my stories William's Footsteps and The Man in the Red Coat wonderful reviews. I wiil keep writing all of my ghostly tales to this website, so if you want more, I will try to have something new every week.

Thankyou from the 12 year old writer.

All the rest of my stories will come in as simply Bedford PA, under the title.

Ghostly Tale from Gettysburg
by: Patricia

I've been planning on taking my family to Gettysburg and taking the tour of the many haunted attractions. I've heard ghostly tales from that area especially the battle field. I'm told you can get some really good pictures of ghostly orbs and even if you're lucky you can get pictures of ghosts.

Thank you so much for sharing your PA Ghostly Tale.

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