What Goes Bump In The Night?

by Gretchen Clapper
(Montgomery, PA)

side fender

side fender

On Nov. 13th (which was a Friday by the way) My husband and I where driving down Bear Run Rd. at just about dusk. All of the sudden something slammed into the side of our truck hard enough to push it about 2 inches off its current path. Shaken and startled we stopped the truck to see just what had hit us. There was NOTHING there.
We got out and walked a few yards back to where we thought the impact occured and still found NOTHING! It was getting dark and we could not see much so we did save the location in our GPS so we can go back during the day to help satisfy our curiosity. When we got to the main road we stopped at a gas station to access the damage to our truck. What ever it was our front passenger side fender was very dented back by the door and the whole center of the door was smashed in. No scratches, no hair, no blood, no paint chipped just smashed in. I will add to this when we go back and see what we find.

Gretchen Clapper,
Montgomery PA

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We went back
by: Gretchen

Well we went back today Nov 17th and we found the spot where the accident occured. The only thing we may have found was a spot where the leaves were disturbed. You would think if a deer or bear slammed into us we would of seen something in the mirror as soon as it occured.

Bear Run Road
by: Patricia

Hi Gretchen,

My first thought after reading your ghostly tale is it must have been a bear that either ran into you or you ran into since you were traveling on Bear Run Road. But like you said, you would think you would have seen some kind of evidence. I'm curious if you went back and found anything that would give you a clue what hit your car.

Thanks for sharing you picture and story with us,


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