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by Lisa

I live in Altoona and lived in a haunted house for about two years. It was not a great experience from the first day to the last. When we were signing the lease to move, the kithen the drawer slowly came open. You don't think about it you just over looked it. My husband would stay up at night. He would hear walking in the hall and up the steps all the time and even made several trips upstairs to check on the famly. I have four children and all of them have experinced something in that house. My youngest child was about two at the time she would cry and tell me that there was a man with a bobo on his face standing by the front door. My ten year old was going to his bedroom and seen an orb that went from over his bed through the wall. He didn't know what it was, but I did. My fourteen year old would hear the key board play. My oldest child dosen't like to talk about it. We all experinced alot of things living there. We would hear and see things all the time I was very happy to move out and never want to deal with that again. Their was a lot more things that happened their.

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Haunted House in Altoona
by: Patricia

Hi Lisa,

Sorry it took so long for me to comment, the holidays seemed to overwhelm me this year.

Thank you so much for submitting your ghostly tale about the haunted house in Altoona. I have to admit it really scared me to read about your two year old seeing a man with a bobo. Children are so sensitive, they seem to see and hear things so much easier than we do. I can't help but wonder where this house is located. There are so many houses in Blair County that are haunted and I've heard that many aren't what you would call the friendly ghosts.

I hope you and your family have found a home that is peaceful.


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