Uncle Harry

by Margaret
(Shelocta, PA)

We moved into an old farmhouse in September of 1973. I was only 3&1/2 at the time but can remember some pretty crazy stuff. I remember being deathly afraid to go to the "cellar" after dark. Keep in mind, this was a very old farmhouse, so the floor in the basement was dirt. The steps leading to the cellar were wooden and one of the steps was missing a "chunk" out of the front of it. Over the years it had worn and was smooth like the rest of the steps but was clearly broken at some point. We could go to the basement during the day with no problem, but as soon as night fell and you went to the basement, you would get a chill and it felt like someone was walking right behind you, so close that you could feel their breath. We also got this feeling when walking around the back of the house after dark. It was nothing to go to bed and awaken in the middle of the night to any number of the lights being turned on. Sometimes just one, sometimes several. Things would be left in one place and found in another! Somethings would disappear....never to be found!

After I married and was expecting my first child, my mom made the "favors" for my baby shower. Ironically, the larger part of the blue ones disappeared from the dining room table, never to reappear,(I had a baby girl.

Through talking to family members of the people from whom we bought the house, we learned that there was actually a man that fell down the cellar steps and died. That is where we came up with the name "Uncle Harry" for our ghost. My parents still live in this house and still hear noises and strange things happen.

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Brrrr Uncle Harry
by: Patricia

Hi Margaret,

It seems to me that your parents love that old house as much as Uncle Harry. I'll bet he was a real character when he was living. Have you ever interviewed anyone that actually knew him? He seems to be harmless but loves playing tricks on everybody. Hmmm, I wonder how he knew you were going to give birth to a girl, I suppose we should give spirits more credit for knowing what we don't.

Thanks for sharing your story of Uncle Harry,

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