Uncle Harry strikes again!

by Margaret
(Shelocta, PA)

I am not blaming this on Uncle Harry because my husband and I built our house ourselves, therefore, he could not have come with the house. We never had any problems with the house until just a few years ago when my daughter and I started watching scary movies and going to Haunted stuff at Halloween. It seems to get worse when we do these things and I am convinced there is something to it.

Two years ago we had natural gas hooked up to a burner in the basement. You have to manually turn the knob to set how high the gas is. After returning from work one day, we came in the house to find that it was so hot that we could hardly stand it! My husband went to check the burner and it was turned as high as it could go. NO ONE WAS AT HOME ALL DAY! Some time later that winter, we came home to find the house was freezing. When he went to the basement to check the burner, it was turned off (again, no one was home all day and everything was fine when we left)! We have also had things go missing never to reappear. Another strange thing that has happened twice now: the sink in our basement bathroom has a slow slow slow drip so we put a bucket under it to catch the drips. It is so slow that we literally never have to dump the bucket because the water dries in the bottom of the bucket. On two different occasions we have come home to the water in the sink running hot and the bucket full of hot water and it is actually running onto the floor and has made a puddle on the basement floor!

My 12 year old daughter will no longer go to the basement by herself and I joke with her and her sister telling them that they brought "Uncle Harry" home from Gram and Paps! I have heard that spirits are attracted to water and we have a lot of problems with water at this residence. Could this be the truth or am I just paranoid? You decide.

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Ghostly Spirits and Uncle Harry
by: Patricia

Hi Margaret,

The more I think about your ghostly tale the more I don't think it's Uncle Harry. In your last tale Uncle Harry seemed harmless, more of a practical joker.

There is no doubt, something strange is going on in your home. Like you said, it couldn't be a ghost that came with the house since you and your husband built your home, I'd suspect it's your very own spirit that may have come with the land you bought. And yes, I heard about spirits being attracted to water, in fact, I'm told that the reason the area I live in is so haunted is because the entire city was once a lake.

I wouldn't be as worried about the water episodes as I would the gas being adjusted.


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