Two People Can See the Same Thing, Right?

by Meghan Clive

I was at least 6-9 at the time. Me my sister and her friend. We were ghost hunting in our parents room. Throughout the time we heard scratching on the door. I saw a doll head that had turned all the way around. At the time it was dinner my sister left but me and her friend were way to scared to get up, I slowly sat up on the bed and right when I get entirely on the pen we had been writing with flew straight in the air as a drawer opened the pen flew into the drawer and the drawer closed I turned to her and I asked if she saw that then nodded and we shot for down stairs screaming. No one believed us after that, but two people can see the same thing. When we looked in the drawer the pen was there. Ever since then my whole view of ghosts changed and many weird things have happened but that's another story.

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Weird Ghostly Tale
by: Patricia

Thank you Meghan for sharing you ghostly tale with us. Do your parents still sleep in that room? Have they ever heard anything in there? I'll bet you and your friend don't want to play in there again.


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