Two Happy Ghosts.

by cindy bowser
(Franklin, PA)

Well it happened today 22nd of May 2011. It was a day like any normal day.

I was watching TV, it was in the early evening, my male friend that I live with just went to get us a pizza. I went into the dining room to water the plants, and I looked out the window and seen two young kids walking down the sidewalk, plain as day, but to me they looked a little odd, like not clear but a little blurry. The guy was smiling, and he was laughing and the girl with him was laughing and talking but the strange thing was I didn't hear them talk or laugh or make any sound whatsoever. It was like a TV show with the sound turnd off. Their movements were kinda odd like and old silent movie. I wasn't thinking about it, I just thought it was kids just playing around. I looked back at what I was doing, we live on a busy street. I thought ahh its nothing, looked back out to see out of curiosity where they went and they were gone!
Not walking up the street or down the street nowhere, just gone, crazy. But we live across from a cemetary. My friend came home I was on the porch and I told him and he looked at me like I was crazy. but I know what I saw. The girl had brown long hair and modern cloths and he had a pair of jeans on shirt, no hair and he was smoking a ciggerette and he was playing around like he was throwing somthing to her and she was laughing and put her hands to her face but there were no sounds, laughs, no footsounds no sounds then they were gone.

I am still wondereing about that, it was very strange. It makes me shake a little.

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Ghostly Teenagers
by: Patricia

Wow Cindy, your ghostly tale was really eerie. I'm wondering if you've seen these two teenagers since. Have you ever heard of any reports of kids being in an accident near that area?

Thank you so much for sharing your ghostly tale with us. It really leaves a person thinking.


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