Trough Creek State Park Lodge

by LuAnn
(Danville, PA)



Our family went there for Valentine's Day weekend, 2009.
Nice lodge, comfortable and spacious.
4 Bedrooms: 2 doubles, 2 sets bunks, 2 singles.
Mattresses okay, but I would take a padded mattress cover the next time.
No indoor fireplace...:( someone removed the original fireplaces and covered them up... how sad.
"Stone" mansion is covered in stucco, made to look like brick facing....:(
Kitchen is very nice and can seat 8 ppl, another table in the living room seats 4.
Living room has 2 couches, 2 single padded chairs, 2 lights. Should have a light over the LR table.
Take extension cords.
Deep window sills are wonderful!
2 bathrooms serve their purpose. one tub/shower combo upstairs bath.
Water is great! Nice porches!
Forestry camp is up the road (delinquent boys, but no trouble)
Wonderful opportunity for bicycling.
Lodge is in a private location, no other cabins around.
Campground is about 2 miles away, which is wonderful with large sites. No showers, though.

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would be interesting
by: Juvenile

There are a lot of places in the world that is know for its elegance and beauty this is one such place that offers a lot of that. It is a sheer joy to spend days over there. You would easily fall in love with the nature.

The Best Place to Be
by: Cabin Kid

I go to this lodge every year! I have been going since I was 3. My friends and I love this place! We have so many wonderful memories there! If you want to go to a great lodge this is the one to go to! Please come, I love it!

Fantasic Place to Relax (and not haunted)
by: Trevor

This lodge is absolutely fantastic. It is nice and quiet, and assuming no drought, it is amazing to hear the water from the stream across the road. It is old, but well kept, and we always look forward to our time hanging out by the fire, grilling some steaks, and roasting marshmellows. And no, the place is not haunted. I've been going there every year (save for the year my son was born) for 15 years, and never had any haunting experiences, only great memories and lots of fun!

Fantastic Experience
by: Skip

We are headed there later this week (August) for our 3rd visit in 3 years. Last year we took our children to the story telling at the camp grounds. Ranger told of a haunted house (the lodge) we parents cringed, but the kids never made the connection so no nightmares. No encounters with ghosts either.

We love the place. Great swimming just a couple miles up the road, hiking, biking, and day trips to DelGrosso's and Lakemont (amusement/water parks that cater to younger children) less than a 90 minute ride away. Raystown Lake right up the road too. Overall a great place to stay!

Agree - it's haunted!
by: Erica

My family and I have stayed there numerous times when I was younger (about 15 years ago). It's a nice place - spacious, clean, and convenient - but funny to hear someone else say they heard noises and felt it was creepy. My sister and I had similar experiences. My parents told us we were making things up, but both her and I heard strange whisperings and noises on the second floor by the bathroom and the one bedroom. We also always had the feeling like we were being watched.

Great place all the same and even better if you're looking to stay somewhere "haunted!"

This place is haunted!
by: Jen R.

I just returned from a stay at the lodge with my family and and some friends, and several of us had pretty weird experiences near the bathroom and back bedroom on the second floor. My 7-year-old son was the first to report an odd experience, and told me the first night he saw a ghost in the bathroom! My husband, who is not superstitious in the least, was ready to go home after he heard creepy "whispering" in the middle of the night.

I wouldn't recommend this place for the feint of heart. Probably fun place for ghost hunters.

Also, it's not in such great shape either, probably a result of state budget cuts. It seriously needs to be painted, and has old carpets and curtains, which added to the spooky vibe.

Trough Creek State Park Lodge
by: Patricia

Thank you so much LuAnn, for sharing you photo and expereince while spending your holiday weekend at Trough Creek State Park Lodge.

I'm sure that lodge felt so warm and cozy, that area this time of year can get really cold. Your right, it's a fantastic area to enjoy bike riding. It's also an area loaded with hiking trails and wild life.

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to the area.


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