Townhouse in Tyrone

by Danielle

So generally I wouldn't write about something like this, but after some newfound information I felt the need to share.

Before I moved to my new place in December I was living in a townhouse here in Tyrone. We moved in in August of 2010. Ever since we had moved in we had seen this black shadow fly down our steps. We wrote it off the first couple of times until it happened nearly everyday. We finally took some pictures and did an EVP session in our place. We did get two evps in our bedroom saying "Danielle go home" and "open the door" when we had shut our bedroom door. So that wasn't so bad. A couple weeks later my step daughter was sitting in the living room and she said that the boys' walkie talkie turned on and a female said "hello". She was scared out of her mind. Then as me and my son lay in bed one night. Not just me but my 6 year old son and I woke up scared to death. Someone grabbed our thighs. At this point I had had about enough. I know that usually a spirit does not intentionally try to scare anyone, but to a child this is very scary. So I plainly said that whoever or whatever it was needed to leave us alone. Things just seemed to escalate from there.

I had tv interference, walkies (which I disposed of) and radios just going nuts. Then as we were in the process of painting and moving to the new place my grandmother was watching our son and swore she heard me yelling for Help 2x's. I had never told her anything. Same goes for a friend of mine that says one night after she dropped me off she seen a girl in my bedroom window waving at her. She felt very uneasy and swore she would never come back to that place again. So about two weeks after that we moved and no further happenings have went on.

Now to the reason I writing this. We are still in the same complex and one of our neighbors were over the other night and we were going over some of our other evidence of paranormal existence and the episode at our old place came up. When telling him about what happened he turned pale white and his mouth dropped. Apparently the place I was in was once home to a girl about my age that committed suicide. He was friends with her and said we sounded alike. Also she did this by tieing a rope to the top of the steps and running down them to end her life. Chills ran throughout my body. Everything made sense then to me. The shadow we seen everyday on the steps must have been a residual thing. Her coming down the steps. It is so sad that no one knew she needed help. I think she just needed someone to communicate with. In my opinion she is still there and not at rest.

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thats sad!
by: Anonymous

Wow, I can't imagine how it feels to be the poor soul trapped in a condo! How end your life, only to be stuck alone and in between. If I wasn't so terrified of communicating with her, I'd try and help! But, she may not be evil or menacing. Probably very lost-like she felt when she took her own life. I sympathize with you for having been through it. I know how it feels to not want to share something like that. It feels like your inviting them back in. I just shared my story, and I'm now absolutely convinced that I shouldn't have. What if she comes back to us? Sorry, I'm rambling to you.....(by gory what have I done?)

by: Alyssa

wow creepy

Ghostly Tale from Tyrone
by: Patricia

Hi Danielle,

Just reading your ghostly tale gives me the chills each time I read it. I know what it's like to experience a spirit living in your home. It's something you keep making excuses for until finally you have to admit that it's not normal. I hope your at peace where you moved to. It's sad to think about that poor girl. That's who your friend probably saw waving to her in the window.

Thank you so much for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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