International Tour-de-Toona
PA's World Famous Stage Race

Internatioal Tour de Toona Has Been Cancelled for 2012 - Due to lack of funding. We ae all hoping it will return in 2013
  • For more information contact by Phone: (814) 949-7223 or Visit Official Website for details of race:

The International Tour-de-Toona Stage Bicycle Race is one of Central PA's biggest summer events. 2010 was reduced to a 1 day race and the start if a new era for Tour de Toona. 2009 the event was cancelled due to lake of sponsorship. Finally, 2011 Tour-de Toona resumed to it's 6 day race the week of the 4th of July and covered a large portion of both Blair and Cambria counties, while also touching in Bedford and Somerset. The race has been accepted to the NRC (National Racing Calendar), which gave great exposure and proved to be a huge draw for cyclists and spectators alike. The NRC is administered by the sport's sanctioning body, U.S.A. Cycling. The NRC is a point’s series that determines a national overall champion

Nearly 800 cyclists competed in 2011 ’Toona! The 2011 International Tour de ’Toona once again stood alone as the best overall race in the eastern United States. The Tour de ’Toona is also one of only two cycling events in the country currently broadcast on nationwide network television, displaying the beauty of central Pennsylvania to many prospective visitors and tourists.

Several changes have been made to the race, most notably the return to the Johnstown vicinity on the third day of racing. Stages throughout the week took cyclists and spectators on a journey through some of the most breathtaking countryside the state has to offer. The race took a challenging and exciting mountaintop finish at Blue Knob Ski Resort, emulating a feature of the Grand European Tours.

Over fifteen years ago Lance Armstrong was in Altoona, PA, racing his bike along side many of the best bike riders across the world. Lance went on to win his seventh straight Tour de France victory. A world record almost impossible to break.

The 2012 race will need help from hundreds of volunteers in the form of road marshals, assistant marshals, race workers and host families for racers and race teams. A volunteer road marshal is responsible for traffic control at intersections along the race course and will be assisted by volunteers who are under the age of 17 or persons with disabilities desiring to take part in the festivities. Road marshals and assistants may volunteer for one day or the entire week.

Host housing gives families the opportunity to interact with professional cyclists in their own homes. Hosting the cyclists requires enough room for 3-8 racers, and they must stay in the same house for the duration of the race. Road marshals and assistants can volunteer by contacting: Sandy at 949-RACE (7223) or Host housing volunteers may contact Joan at 949-RACE (7223) or

car owned by Tour-de-Toona racer PA Tour-de-Toona racers in Altoona, PA PA Tour-de-Toona in Johnstown, PA

The International Tour-de-Toona is the nation's top-ranked stage race for men and women. It continues to be the nation's premier stage race.

The area offers the best bike racing courses and equal competition for men and women participants from across the nation and around the world. Owned by the participating communities in central Pennsylvania, the event draws tens of thousands of racers, support personnel and spectators and is one of the region's consistently largest tourism magnets

The International Tour-de-Toona offers top-notch bicycle racing through some of the nation's most beautiful rural countryside. Even though the scenery is beautiful and serene, it is still a grueling course of mountain roads at high speeds and tough curves that aren't easy to maneuver. These athletes have to be in top notch condition to endure these events.

PA Tour-de-Toona bike racers in the lead PA Tour-de-Toona racers during a rain storm PA Tour-de-Toona womean bike racers in downtown Altoona, PA


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The Road To Paris Runs Through Altoona, PA

It's hard to believe that over 20 years ago this stage bicycle race started out as a one-day race. Today it has grown to America's Premier Stage Race. It has quickly grown into one of the biggest and most important Pennsylvania Annual Event .

Communities throughout Central Pennsylvania organize volunteers for every stage of this cycling event. There are no paid employees. Volunteers are rewarded with prizes, dinners, and a big pat on the back.

The cyclists are invited to stay with host families in the area and many of the local businesses treat them to snacks and nights out on the town.

Cash prizes are rewarded in the different stages of racing and placement events.

Rain or shine these races take place day after day. Until you witness these athletes compete in this annual bike race you will never comprehend the training and conditioning they devote their lives to.

Each stage of the race is held in different counties and communities. So if you can't find a hotel or motel reservations in the Altoona area you can always find accommodations in another city, like Johnstown, State College,Duncansville or Cresson.

Come visit Central Pennsylvania during Tour-de-Toona week, you'll be amazed at the excitement and suspense of who will be the top winners this year. While you're here you can explore our beautiful historic Pennsylvania attractions. Start by traveling through the scenic Allegheny Mountains . You'll discover historic attractions like the Lincoln Highway , while you visit the many National Pennsylvania Memorials .

Enjoy a day at a Pennsylvania Amusement Park , eat supper on Spaghetti Wednesday at DelGrosso Amusement Park or join in the Wing-Off contest on Thursday at Lakemont Park .

Better yet, bring your camper along and spend your week camping at one of the many PA State Parks .

You'll be amazed after spending a week in Central PA what little money is needed to enjoy a quality family vacation without the worry of maxing out your credit cards.


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