The White Ghost Continued

by 14 year old writer
(Bedford, PA)

Since I've last wrote about my sightings of my "white ghost" it seems my experiences have gotten worse. I hadn't noticed anything in awhile, but yesterday I was taking my dogs out and when I came back in, I heard somebody say my name clearly and distinctly. So much so that I called back "Mom, your home from work early." but when I walked into my living room I saw nobody. Like today I heard strange noises while I was in the shower, and felt like I was being watched all day. Tonight, about fifteen minutes ago I was riding my bike in the driveway when I turned to circle back around to make another lap I saw what looked like a completley white person running into the direction of oncoming traffic, I only saw the person for a split second but could make out it looked like a man wearing older clothing running, like the sighting I saw in my bathroom brushing my teeth about a month ago. Even now as I sit at my computer typing this story I feel like I'm being watched from all directions. Haha, wish me luck!

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by: Anonymous

weird, I'm around your age and feel the same way. Like right now, I feel like theres someone behind me but I can turn around and no one is there...

your ghost
by: Mick

just be carfeful that you don't let your imagination get the best of you!

Your White Ghost
by: Patricia


It sounds like you're having an exciting summer there in Beford, without having to leave home.

Thanks for keeping us updated!


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