The Twin Tunnels in Dowingtown, PA

by Mary
(Dowingtown, PA)

My husband and I years ago went through the tunnels. It was very cold and damp, if I remember correctly, it had just rained the day before. We knew very well the story about the girl found around the tunnels and wanted to go threw the tunnels as thrill for something to do. We went threw the second tunnel and brought a camera with us. It was of course pitch black and we brought a flashlight with us, we turned of the flashlight and my husband took a picture of the top of the tunnel. We got the picture back and at the top of the picture there was a beam of light. We were in awe and excited to have hope that it was an orb. We took the picture to a camera shop and they said the light was unidetifyable. The camera was not the reason for the light.

I think about that poor girl alot and wish her deadly murder could be solved someday. Maybe that circle of light was her. We were calling "Paula" as we were going threw the tunnel. We were saying that because there is graffity in the third tunnel you drive threw that says "Paula dead girl" and the end of the tunnel on the left side of the tunnel if you keep going thru to go down the road.
-Mary local from Dowingtown

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the picture
by: dan

that is a very interesting story. I have been to the tunnels a lot and each time is a different experience. I am a local paranormal investigator and i would be very interested in seeing your photo. If you wouldnt mind letting me take a look is there any way you could email a copy? thanks for your time

Ghostly Tale from Downingtown, PA
by: Patricia

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience visiting the Twin Tunnels in Downingtown, PA. That light in your picture is really strange especially since it was so dark in there. Too bad you didn't have a digital picture to share.

I've never been to Downingtown but when I do I'll be sure to visit the Twin Tunnels.


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