The Terified Child

by Bud Phillips
(Altoona, PA)

Around age 4 I awoke to a black figure with red eyes. I screamed and ran to my moms room and swore to never go in my bedroom again. I was also pushed down the steps and broke my ankle. Another time I was pushed out of bed and broke my collar bone. I was scared to go upstairs alone there after since then I've seen and felt ghosts.

I worked at the railroad museum in Altoona for months and it was haunted but not in a bad way and mild. I also worked at the First Lutheran Church in Altoona . The things I saw and felt there where much stronger. The church was built in the early 1800's before embombing. They kept the dead in the basement. I explored all areas of the church spending hours in each room.

I saw many unexplained incidences happen to me. They say a pastor was also seen by other long term workers. I would hear a mans voice when I was the only person there but only in one area right up from the basement. There was tales of people freezing to death and kept down there.

When i was a child my mother was told I was clairvoyant. Now 42 I'm understanding the phenonomom and what I see and why I see it. I still have the terrified child fear but learning to use it as a gift and knowing now I'm not a nut case.

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My Terrified Child
by: Patricia

Hi Bud

What a nice surprise that you decided to finally join our small community of people across PA and beyond to share their PA ghostly tales. The ghostly tales Bud shared weren't the surprise to me because I'm his mother. I've been asking Bud to share his experiences with us but he was a bit shy until now.

I know these tales are very true because I remember him being so terrified to go to his bedroom at night. I remember the horrible screams night after night and him climbing into bed with us. Whatever was in the house we lived in was evil and for unexplained reasons it was out to get Bud.

I often wondered why he worked the jobs he worked because of his experience as a child. He would tell me about the church and the voice he heard. The employees would actually have meetings about the hauntings in the basement of the church.

I can't help but wonder if this isn't his calling to investigate the paranormal.

Welcome to our little group here Bud, I hope you'll visit us often and join in.



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