The tales of Rupert.

by Nicole
(Altoona, PA)

Hi, im Nicole. I live in a house in the busy city of Altoona. I just moved into my house about 6 years ago with my parents and older brother. My friend often comes over to stay with me and we always hear strange noises coming from my parents room across the hall when nobody is home. Also when we are upstairs, we can hear voices downstairs in the basement where my brothers room is. We have yet to figure out what is cause all these strange noises and cannot find the strength to investigate ourselves. When we hear these noises we usually go for walks or wait in the garage until my parents get home. We have named this spirit (at least thats what we think it is), Rupert. We thought we would give it a weird name for his weird behavior. He likes to flicker the lights in my room and turn on the tv. He also likes to make the doors squeek open for no apperant reason. I really hope you like my story because when you live in a real life scary story, its not as fun as it seems.

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by: Alexandria

Hi im Alexandria and if you worry when this happens, you don't need to. I'm just saying that most ghosts are kind and harmless unless you or your family had something to do with their life or death. Also sometimes during tiny earthquakes that are unoticable, shake the house, which can also flick the lights and bump things. Hope this helps you. - Alexandria

by: Patricia

Hello Nicole,

First I have to say I like the name you've given to your weird ghost. I'm wondering if you ever mentioned this to your parents. If not, you should. There are many houses and places in the Altoona area known to be haunted. If all you've noticed so far is noises I wouldn't worry too much. Going for a walk when things start getting scary for you is a good idea. But still, I'd make sure you mention this to your parents and see if they have noticed or heard anything strange.


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