The Shadow Followed by the Eyes & Voices

by Meghan Clive

It was a summer day a month or two after we had moved, still on the same street. I was getting dressed to go and pick up my sister Emily's friend who was sleeping over not from the last story. Then when I got up stairs I saw a black figure by the window and I don't think a shadow can reach from the third floor. Later that night through the downstairs back window I saw glowing red eyes. Later the next day I saw those same red eyes through my window upstairs.

Me and Emily were going down the street for my friend Samantha's birthday party and she had got a recorder, and a motion detector. We set up the detector outside where 2 people sat and we recorded inside where we appear to have heard a little girl and dad. It sounded like get them out daddy. Anything for you sweet heart it was very scary. now she moved where is said a little girl died, when we slept over our ankles felt put down, and we found a toy donkey on the hood of the balcony. We were pretending we were getting possessed and one of the times I really didn't know what I Was doing so I just didn't say anything.

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Get Away from Investigating
by: Patricia

Another creepy ghostly tale Meghan. My advice to you guys is to stop investigating and just enjoy your young life. You don't need this creepy stuff. I'm sure your parents would agree with me. I hope you moved out of the house you saw the red eyes.


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