The Overlook Canadenists PA

by Larry
(Baltimore MD)


I am writing this because I would like to know if anyone has ever had an experience at the Pocono bed and breakfast called "The Overlook"?

I don't believe in ghosts being a devout Christian, but I do have an ability to deal with paranormal activity.

I went to the Overlook for a few nights. As I walked down the hall I witnessed a white haired woman carrying a basket, I went to say hello and she was gone. There was nowhere for her to go.

The television in the main sitting room was very old and you had to manually turn the channels and control the volume. The sound went crazy. It would go loud than turn very soft. When you fixed it, it would happen again.

I started taunting the whatever then the lights would going on and off, but more of a blinking.

At night I sat by the fireplace and heard kitchen workers, at one point a guy came out and looked at us and went back to the kitchen.

The next day I told the owner how loud and rude the kitchen staff was. He told me there was no one working last night.

He then told me of strange happenings.

This happened about 15 years ago, now I can't find a listing for the place. Can anyone help?

Thank you,


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Wondering of Similar Ghostly Tales
by: Patricia

I wondering if anybody ever sent you an email about the Overlook and if they have ever experienced similar weird events. Hope you let us know.

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