The Old Lumber Yard

by Ralina Wilson
(Huntingdon pa, 16652)

Moving is always a pain especially when you are little...I was 6 at the time and my brother 4 when my parents had found a house in town Huntingdon.....A huge house with a sun porch, basement, 3 bedrooms 2 baths and a naughty pine playroom that was in the basement.....What we had called the playroom was a room for the kids who lived there before to play ..The first week of being there was hell....My brother and I was woke up by the sound of our dads voice yelling " this is our house now your dead, knock it the hell off". My family has always been open minded and believed in ghosts...I got up and asked my dad whats going on and whats that sound????? It was the heavy naughty pine playroom door banging as if someone was slamming it shut in protest......We had a beautiful fire place in the living room and on the mantle my mom had placed little ceramic teapots ......And every morning one by one they were smashed in the fireplace....Heavy foot steps almost like hard workers boots could be heard walking around upstairs.....A man you would see out of the corner of your eye would walk from my parents room, down the steps through the dining room and kitchen, down the steps to the basement and stop on the 5th step......He did this same routine over and over.....But all you seen of him was his head shoulders and chest in a flannel shirt......I had horrible dreams of fires and sometimes seen a little boy who kind of looked like oliver twist in my room at night......My parents one night decided to rearange there bedroom move everything around......when they woke up everything was set back to the way it was before even there bed with them in it......I would not have believed this if I had not seen it with my own eyes....We sometimes heard from in the basement what sounded like someone banging a broom on the celing to get someones attention......My father had seen someone walking around in my room from under the crack of the door when he was the only one in the house.....Sometimes a mimicking voice would call out or say something sounding like another family member.....It at one point got so bad we had a priest come in and bless the house and it worked for a little while.......Even the smallest of things like remodeling would almost upset the house and we would pay afterwards.....Later we had found out that the house we lived in was once an old lumber yard that had burned down catching half the block on fire.....The fire was caused by a couple prankster kids but one of them did not get away in time and died in the fire.......The house also had a man die of a heart attack in the bathtub.........We all moved out and went on our own ways but I still have dreams and visions of that house....And in some strange way I miss it and what we called the residence......The house had gotten so used to us and us so used to the house that if I was to step foot inside again I feel I would hear, hello I remember you, it's been a long time.......

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Wow, Top 10 PA Ghosly Tales
by: Patricia

Hi Ralina,

You must have one brave family to stay in that house so long. Was it located in Huntingdon County? I have heard so many really weird things happening in that area.

I have to admit your ghostly tale is one of the creepiest tales I ever heard, especially coming from someone that lived there and experienced it first hand.

I'll bet the boy you saw was the kid that started the fire and got killed there. It's hard to guess who the man was, since so many must have died in the fire. No doubt, he still felt he owned the property.

Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us all about your experience in such detail,


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