The Man in the Red Coat


Our family was going to the Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford. We were going out with some friends to have a nice evening to talk and eat. I was 3 years old at the time.
Almost as soon as we had sat down to eat in the lower part of the tavern when I saw a man in revolutionary war outfit sitting in the corner.(There is now a booth there.)I had told my mom about this but had failed to see the scruffy character.The man kept looking at me and yet my mother had failed to see him. I was too scared to proceed to eat so I sat in silence watching the the man in the red coat, with his gun perched neatly on his lap.
After that night I had refused to return to the haunted tavern for 6 years. When I finally came back to the tavern we told our waitress about this supernatural occurence. She had told us about a past murder. Here's the story, Some men got into a fight because the one owed the other money, and he shot him. The man who committed the murder was hung off the tall stairway and was buried under the floorboards in the same corner I witnessed the man in the red coat years before.

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Jean Bonnet PA Ghost Tale
by: Patricia

There's no doubt in my mind that you saw the man in the red coat at Jean Bonnet's Tavern. I have met many people that have seen ghosts there. Just like your tale, they are always dressed in clothes from another era of time. It's been reported of ghost sighting of American Indians and even children. I also have found that children see these characters more often than adults.

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