The Living Doll

When I was little I had a cabbage patch doll. I always put it in the left side of my room in the corner when I was done playing with it. I dont know why it was just a habit I guess. Anyway, one night after I put my doll in its place, I got into bed. I was almost asleep and to my surprise I saw my cabbage patch stand up and walk into my parents room. It was horrible. I layed there too afraid to even make a sound till I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning it was in the right corner of my room. Creepy. I got rid of it first thing in the morning.

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haunted items
by: Mick

I don't know if you are aware of John Zaffis or not. He is a well know demonologist. He recently opened a museum for haunted objects. One section is devoted to dolls. Search it out on the web.

Would you know where that doll is now? Did you ever hear anything more about it after you got rid of it?


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