The Little Ghost Boy in Berwick

by Kristina Taylor

Hey, My name is Kristina I'm 13 years old and have been born and raised in Berwick. Well, on 11th st. there is a little church yard with a bunch of trees like a forest and at the same time every single night around 3:35 A.M. a little boy appears from the woods and walks to the middle of the church yard. Then when he gets out into the open anyone who is near enough can hear the poor boy crying for his mother and father.

I know about him because me and my two friends, Dez and Morgan, got permission to camp out there for the night. Well, we didn't know about him before that night so we freaked out when he disappeared. Well, when it was around 9:27 we finished setting up our camping things. We set up our stuff closest to my house, which is not even a block away from where we were because i live on 11th st.(i know the exact time because i was wearing a watch) so to pass the time we decided to make up little stories about what's out in the woods, like Morgan was saying about how there could be deer (and there are) or maybe some skunks. Well, we finally got ready for bed around midnight so we went into the tent to sleep. That's when Dez woke us up about her hearing twigs breaking Morgan said that it might be a deer so we all looked out the little screen window in the direction of the sounds. But when we looked out the window we didn't see anything. So at that moment i decided to look at my watch. It said 3:35!

That's when i heard dez take a sharp intake of breath which caused me to look up, that's when i saw a little boy the first thing that came to my head was,"Why is there a little boy in the church yard in the middle of the night?" that's when i got a closer look at him: He had a Kind of dark tan shirt and a pair of jean overalls on. It looked like he had blond hair and he looked around the age of 7 or 8. But when i looked at his face features, his eyes were like dark empty sockets. That's when i realized that, that isn't a boy that's a ghost boy!! So we just watched him walk to the middle of the field that's when we could hear him whimpering then out of nowhere he screamed and yelled,"Mama!! Father! where are you!!" then he ran back to the same way he came out of the woods. That's when Dez, Morgan, and me looked at each other and started talking about what we just saw that's when i looked at my watch and it said only 3:40. I couldn't believe it! only five minutes had past, to me it seemed to last hours of staring at a poor little boy yelling for his parents.

Sometime during the night we must have fallen asleep because when i opened my eyes i saw Morgan sitting up and looking out the same window that we saw the little boy. Well when Dez woke up we told her that we had decided that we're going to stay here again tonight to see if the little ghost boy was a ghost that does the same thing over and over again. So that night the same thing happened again. Eventually we all went home and told our parents what happened that's when they told there co-workers that's when the word got out that Berwick is home to a little ghost boy looking for his parents. Ever since that night i always wondered what happens when you die. And i wish that i don't end up like that poor little boy still looking for his long lost parents every single night and not ever seeing them.

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by: Norgret Rieves

I am sure that this place would easily manage to grab your attention with the natural beauty that is has to offer. That alone would be able to have a positive results. The good food and the climate would add up more.

by: kristina

Yeah! dez morgan and i usually go there in the day time. and nothing ever happens. And there are never any animals in that part of the woods where we saw the boy come out of. But there are skunks, raccoons, and sometimes deer in other parts of the woods. we don't go there to often at night anymore because morgan (he is a boy lol) gets really scared.
And just because i feel like adding this, i remember a few weeks ago when dez morgan and i were walking around we saw a girl and a boy they looked like they were dating taking things into the field that we were at so we went to see what they were doing and they said that they wanted to see the little boy so we wished them luck and left.So at around 3 or so i woke up and opened my window then around 3:15 i heard the girl scream! i couldn't help but laugh then i felt bad about it.

i have the sight
by: snow razorblade

i am 12
there is a little boy liveing in my house with me as well. i have seen him. my mo and i are decendints of shamens and what not. i was 11 when i noticed thing happening. i saw colored lines around people and i heard weird things, one time my mom and i were reading some books and we heard some one say mommy in the kitchn i walked in there to see if it was one of my younger brothers. noone was in there. then last week i was staying at my aunts house it was my great grand mothers house at one time about 3 years ago and i was in the soon to be dineing room. i was helping put up the new shandler. well all of a sudden black smoke came out of the ceiling. i knew it was grandma butterbean she answerd me when i asked her if it was her. she shook th e whole shanaler. she had a good vibe. it felt like her. email me at

Great experience!
by: Mick's Ghosts

Your story is very interesting and exceptional. What you have experienced - and may experience again - is what's known as a 'residual haunting'. There are no ghosts involved in a residual haunting, however, you may call him a ghost instead of being so technical :-) Residuals are energy that have been left over by some traumatic occurrence that happened there in the past. You see many of these on the sites of old battlefields. What makes it residual is that he is appearing at the same time and saying the same thing each time. Chances are that if you walked out to him, he wouldn't even know you were there. Even though the situation may have been tragic and traumatic, the boy is probably at rest in heaven. If not, you may want to find out more about him and help him to his eternal peace.

Now that summer vacation is here for you and your friends, you may want to research this little boy. Try to find out who he is and what happened to him. The best way to start is by asking people about it. Older people who know the history of the area. Look at old photos of kids clothing. Try to match what he wears to a period when kids wore that style. Now you will have a general date to work with. Go to your local historical society. See what the history on the church or the land the church is on is. Check for tragedies like fires, kidnappings, etc. Go to the library and check old newspaper clippings. It is a small community which probably only has a few cemeteries. Again, with a general date in mind, check for the graves of boys. You may get a name.

If you go back again, bring a camera and try to snap a few pics. DO NOT bring any Ouija Boards or implements to contact the spirit world, this is dangerous. Next time you go, do not post it here or anywhere until after you have been there. Your description and directions are very good. You don't want the 'wrong' people to have this information. Besides, you wouldn't want someone to try and prank you also :-)

Your story is very well written and i enjoyed it. I look forward to more updates from you on Patty's web. You may also want to check this web out - Submit your story to them. If they like it, they may offer to pay you to let them publish it :-)Nice way to make some extra cash this summer :-)

Ok girls, good luck and happy hunting.


by: Susan

That's a very creepy and sad story. Someone needs to try to answer him or get his attention if possible and tell him to go to heaven. Sometimes they need to be guided to it. PRAY FOR HIM! His soul is lost and wandering for some reason.

Keep us posted if this happens again.

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