The Little Boy

My name is Lisa, and I have owned the home that I live in now for about 7 years. After moving in, my daughter told me that a little boy had appeared in her room one night, but he did not frighten her. She said that he just stood there for a couple second staring at her, and then he walked through her closet door and just disappeared. Well, being a mother of 4 innocent little babies who imaginations can seem to run wild at times, I was skeptical. At first, I thought, okay, maybe she isn't getting enough attention... But then something happened. My husband came in late one evening claiming to be very cold. And no matter how many blankets we covered him with, he just could not get warm. We eventually got him to fall asleep on the couch and we all went upstairs to bed.
The next morning, I came down and my husband told me that during the night, a boy came over to him and touched his hand gently, and instantly he felt better. Now and then I see the little boy, and he doesn't bother us. We haven't put an honest name to him, but the name we have given him until then, is Hunter, because he always hunts for someone to heal, or just accomany for awhile. And that's our story, from the little old town of Bethlehem PA.
Best of luck to anyone with a troubled ghost.

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A Gentle Ghostly Tale
by: Patricia

Hello Lisa,

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you until now, the holidays just seemed to overwhelm me this year.

I wanted to tell you I really enjoyed reading about your boy ghost you named Hunter. It's so nice to actually read about a ghost that don't frighten you and has the passion to heal. Now this is the kind of ghost we could all accept having around.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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