The Hauntings

by Breanna Lund
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

This haunting is very horrorfying. It happened in my house! Sorry but, I'm not putting my address because there are creeps out there. But I will tell you the story about "The hauntings".

One night I was downstairs when I heard something crash in my attic. So I went to go check it out(I'm a very curious little eleven year old). When I got in the attic I saw something run past the window. I got really scared but, I wanted to know what that was. I followed it quietly but, quickly(IT ran REALLY fast!). It floated to to the back room in the attic (I have a really BIG attic). It started whispering when I saw something/someone right next to it. I ducked down so IT wouldn't see me. They were talking about a little girl name Lilly. They said Lilly was having trouble. Right at that moment my phone went off.(OMG moment right?) I hurried up and shut it off. But, when I looked up they were gone. I was still shocked about what just happened. So I just sat there for ten minutes. When I finally stood up I saw a piece of paper with writing on it. Since the attic was dark I ran downstairs so I could read it. When I got downstairs I started to read it.

This is what it said.

Dear, Father by the time you are reading this I should be dead. I am sorry but, at school the children were teasing me again so I couldn't take it anymore.

I love you and I will see you in another life.
Love, your dearest daughter Lilly.
The End

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starstarstarstarstar me chills
by: Patricia

Yeah, that's without a doubt that's pretty creepy. I'm sure you've wondered what ever happened to the person who wrote the note.

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