The Haunted Shelter

My mom directs the Gettysburg Homeless shelter,and has told me many times about a little girl that roams around rubbing a mans cheek while he is sleeping, playing with kids, playing games with people and messing with them for a giggle. There is also said to be a man there who will throw the toilet seat up and turn the tv on and off

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Heard But Not Seen
by: Anonymous


I actually was homeless with my family living there during highschool in 2007. I never saw anything or heard anything for that matter. However my younger brother use to complain about a little girl waking him up and that he was scared. I also had gotten up numerous times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and yes walking through the hall was eerie but once again I never bore witness to anything. Supposively it's haunted, would I guarantee it? no.

Gettysburg Homeless Shelter
by: Patricia


I'm sure you're mom is telling the truth about this homeless shelter in Gettysburg. I have heard and read so many ghostly tales about Gettysburg, in fact it's one of the most famous areas in the world for its paranormal activities. I plan on devoting a whole area of my website to Gettysburg's history, attractions and ghostly tales.

Thank you so much for sharing what your mom told you about the homeless shelter,


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