The Haunted Blacksmith Barn

by Carolyn Buck
(Old Bedford Village)

I am a member of Ghost Research Foundation who are going to be taking people on a tour of Old Bedford Village this weekend and next weekend.

On one of our ghost investigation we divided into groups to do separate ghost investigations of the different homes in the village. Our group toured the jailhouse, blacksmith barn, Knisely School House, the pharmacy building. We weren't disappointed in the spirits who manifested themselves that night.

We got ORBS in the jailhouse, but we got a whole lot more in the Blacksmith barn. We were upstairs in the Blacksmith barn doing a EVP session when me and a another girl were taking pictures. One of the members was doing dowsing rods to get any activity present. As I was taking pictures I got some pretty substantial orbs need the old blacksmith signs and another member of our group caught on her digital camera a full apparition right in front of the member doing the dowsing rod. Was the spirit curious or were those rods a familiar thing that caught their attention?

Tonight the GRF(Ghost Research Foundation) is taking the public on a ghost hunt so maybe the blacksmith spirit will reveal themselves again. It maybe a tale you can tell for yourself. Join us tonight October 23rd and next weekend October 30th.

Carolyn Buck, GRF

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Old Bedford Village Event
by: Patricia

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for reminding us about the ghost hunt at the Old Bedford Village. I do have it advertised on several pages on my website. I was hoping to attend, maybe next week.

Tell Patty, Jeff and all the members of the Ghost Research Foundation I wish you much success.

I really enjoyed reading your experience at the Blacksmith Shop. I've had some experiences at the village myself. And have gotten some testimony of the hauntings there, I've mentioned to Patty about the lady with the red shawl.

Hope to see you all next week,


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