The Ghostly Mother and Child...BOO!

by Tiana TImbuck
(Altoona, PA)

I live in Altoona, I live next to this big old house. Nobody lives in it. It is definitely haunted! One night, I heard a sharp cry, followed by a blood curdling scream, I looked out my bedroom window at the house... There was a bright light in one window, and then it vanished. And then I heard a baby crying out for his mother. And so I put my robe on and grabbed a flashlight and went on the porch of the house. As I was trying to look through the window, I felt a chill go up through my spine. And suddenly it felt like someone was behind me. I turned around and there before me was a little child holding a teddy bear by its arm. He had no eyes. Only light shone out of them. All of a sudden he started slowly walking towards me...Dragging his teddy bear along. I felt sympathy towards him. I said hello, and asked him what his name was. He let out a cry and said he wanted his "mommy". Then he screamed at the top of his lungs and cried. Then a ghoslty looking woman came out of the house and knelt down beside him and comforted him. Clearly it was his mother. I felt frozen, I didn't know what to do. Whether I should run back home, or stay. I tried to run, but I could not move. Then the mother saw me and came forward. She was very beautiful. But her eyes got big and she screamed a scream I have never heard before, it sent chills all through me, and I will NEVER forget it, as hard as i try. Then, I ran, to my home and did not stop till I got to my bedroom. And then, I did something that was very odd, although I could not help it, it just came out. I flung myself on my bed and cried my eyes out. Then, in the morning, everything seemed alright! But I NEVER went back to that house again... But, I still wonder, whatever happened to that mother and child. Obviously, they were not of this world, They were ghosts. But it seems to me that they have a story behind them. Perhaps, the child is fatherless, and the mother a widow. Or perhaps, they were scared of ME. Well, who knows. But I do know one thing, I will NEVER EVER forget what happened to me, on that fateful night....

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Lots of scary places in Altoona
by: Sue Nebgen

Your story is scary..I wish there was a group meeting for people like us who have experienced haunted homes. Once a month would be ideal. Where is this haunted house in Altoona? I grew up there and still live in the area.

Thanks for posting


Creepy Altoona
by: Patricia

Hi Tiana,

It's extremely unusual for me to get 3 haunted tales about one place but I have to admit, Altoona is starting to creep me out. I have to agree with you Tiana, that is one ghostly tale I wouldn't soon forget. The kid alone gives me the creeps to think about, those eyes would give me nightmares.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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