The Farmhouse

by 16 year old writer (the original # year old writer)
(Bedford, PA)

Well, it's been a long time since I've wrote in to you guys but it's 16 year old writer (originally started as 12. So here we go, I've told many stories about my old farmhouse and strange stories before, but in the last month, strange activity has started again. First, about a month ago, my father claimed to have seen a white figure in our small attic window rocking back and forth. He did not tell me this until about two weeks later because the attic door is right next to my room... Also, about a week ago, I was in the shower, first an entire shelf of body washes and shampoos cleared off, and first I shook it off as must of hit one and triggered a domino effect, although later, as I got out of the shower, I felt like someone forcefully hit me across the back. At this point I was concerned, later as I was drying off with a towel, a covered my face, as I moved the towel away, the door was open and it appeared as if someone just exited. I didn't tell anybody about this, and the next night, my mom says, "Last night in the bathroom while I was in the shower, the door handle kept turning like someone was outside the door" I will write in if more things happen, although this is the best experiences we've had in a while, great to write in again!

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Strange Happenings
by: Patricia


You're right, it has been a long time since you've written on the Ghostly Tales area. But, I was so glad to think that things had calmed down in your young life. Looks like you and your family are dealing with more weird things happening around your home. I hope things have calmed down once again.


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