The Buckhorn

by Joe
(Carrolltown, PA)

I just wanted to say cool site and that stuff about the lady in white on the Buckhorn and Wopsy may be true?

We saw something about 12yrs ago, but to this day I'm not sure what. My buddy Paul and I were visiting my girlfriend at PSU Altoona, it got late so we started home. As we got a few hundred yards past what was then the "Buckhorn Inn" we could see something standing on the side of the road, neither of us said a word as we got closer and saw what appeared to be a women in a wedding dress. If that wasn't strange enough, since we both knew the legend, but you could make out every detail of her but her face.

After we composed ourselves about a 1/4 mile later we went back to see if someone was just pulling a prank. All I can say is if they were they got out of there in a damn hurry. I guess you just had to be in the car that night to believe something so strange.

12 years later Paul and I don't share that story often because everyone laughs. I'm not scared of much, but that road gives me the creeps.

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by: Sofia

I don’t actually give a shit about such stories which are mostly fake ones that someone would have created in order to play prank on others. And there is actually no one who had seen this so called lady in person.

Any more info?
by: Doug

My late uncle used to own The Buckhorn and my grandmother once owned the ice cream stand at the top of the hill. I live in Pittsburgh now but traveled that stretch of road a lot in my younger days, the 60s and 70s. The wedding ghost legend goes back at least that far, but I've never found much information about it. Fascinating stuff. Know where I can get any more info?

by: Richard Lehman

could you give me directions to this place? i live in Somerset Pa... I investigate all these kind of hauntings..

The White Lady of Wopsy
by: Patricia

Thank you so much Joe, for submitting your ghostly tale of seeing the White Lady of Wopsy. When you emailed me I knew visitors would love reading about a real eye witnesses seeing the White Lady. With this happening 12 years ago and you still remember it so well had to have really had an impact on you and your friend Paul.

Thanks again for sharing this ghostly tale,


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