The Boy in the Wall

by kayla

I went and visted the royer mansion and Patty Wilson told a story about a little boy.

It was about how a little boy and his father and his mother was a family and the father had sent the boy to his room to play and then the mother left that day to give birth to one of her neighbors baby and the father said he would watch him for her and they always got along ok, but when she left he killed the boy and buried him in the wall of the Royer Mansion and when the mother came home he said you dont have to worry about that kid any more because I took care of him and she started to freck out what do u mean you took care of him, then she ran up stairs and looked in his bedroom and he said I took care of him and she looked under his bed and in his closet and she couldn't find him and he said I buried him in the wall and then after that no one could ever find the little boy, AND SOME TIMES U CAN EVEN HEAR HER ASKING ADULTS HAVE U SEEN MY CHILD HE'S LIKE THIS HIGH AND HAS THIS COLOR OF HAIR AND HE'S GOT THIS COLOR OF EYES.

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My opinion
by: Lauren Woomer

My opinion on this story is that it is false.

Patty Wilson & Royer Mansion
by: Patricia

Hello Kayla,

I've never heard the story of the boy in the wall at Royer Mansion. That sure is one creepy ghostly tale. Patty Wilson is a good friend of mine and I've been meaning to attend one of her story-telling series at Royer Mansion but haven't be able to yet. Thank you so much for telling us the ghostly tale and submitting such a great photo of Royer Mansion.


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